SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition Edit

SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition v1.0
The SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition is a powerful, easy to use and 100% free declination of SLIMax Manager Pro but dedicated to Fanatec Hardware racing ecosystem….

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VDASH-EMU Virtual Racing Dash Display Emulator Edit

SLIMax Virtual Racing Display/Dash Emulator ( VDASH-EMU ) is a hardware Racing Display firmware emulator working on your Android tablet or phone or Windows or Linux PC/Laptop/Tablet. The EMUlator is powerful …

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EKSIMRacing is a software company dedicated to sim-racing since 2007, our software give you a full control of your sim-(motion)-rig, a full immersion and a full gaming experience with more than 60 games supported.

With MotionMax Manager FREX Edition you manage your 6DOF Simulator, with SLIMax Manager Pro you control your usb racing device display and steering wheel dash, with VDASH-EMU you can use hundreds of virtual racing dash templates ready-to-use or create your own custom display, with the V2R (Virtual To Real Technology) integrated firmware you create any kind of virtual buttonbox and use it as a real (physical) buttonbox.

With EKSIMRacing software, from PRO to casual, you fully control your rig.