About EKSIMRacing Projects

Ek = Symbol = Energy Kinetic = The mother of objects in Motion
Sim Racing = A way to simulate real conditions of car racing as closely as possible
EKSIMRacing = A foundation (nonprofit organization) creating software with more than 10 years dedicated to sim racing and its community.

After 2007 the creation of EKSIMRacing and during the past 10 years EKSIMRacing has been involved in several amazing public software and hardware projects related to sim-racing and custom engineering, hardware design and racing motorsports software development.

All projects have been done with passion and enthusiasms with fantastic people working for building great new hardware devices, improving driver or firmware for better performance and stability of hardware, improving API of their game/simulation to add telemetry data or using VR set to increase greatly the user experience and immersion, adding and integrating new sim-racing services in the world, managing actuators to create dedicated motion platform, etc.

SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax Manager software (the advanced software for managing racing display USB devices, virtual racing Dash emulator for PC, Android and Linux and 6DOF PRO racing simulator) are a big part of our public sim-racing projects, below, the most important milestones of these 10 years resulting from the creation of these software.

EKSIMRacing your invaluable source of sim racing innovation is still running for you today in 2018, for the benefit of the sim racing community. More exiting sim racing projects to come, stay tuned…



Leo Bodnar released the F1Wheel racing display and we started the development of a software for PC (F1Dash) to manage the display with several simulation like rFactor, LFS or Simbin titles.

F1Dash app and plugins series (discontinued)

The first racing display available with LCD for the sim racing community. This project was quickly discarded (the LCD was not reliable) in favor of the new SLI-M display (SLI = Shift-Lights Interface).


Mid 2009

We started to work on SLI-M usb device with Leo Bodnar and to add the support of both devices the old BU0710 and SLI-M to F1Dash application


SLI-M Led colors layout (Final )

F1Dash and Plugins For SLI-M (discontinued)
F1Dash apps/plugins series continue with the support of the new SLI-M display, iRacing support added to the software this year as well.


May 2009

After the SLI-M we started to work with Leo Bodnar on a completely new USB Device display….

In may after some discussions we submitted to Leo Bodnar a prototype design of a mix of F1Dash and SLI-M layout and we called this new proto-design


Sep 2009
Leo Bodnar submitted a new design/layout of SLI-PRO which was going to become the final version.
Tue, 22 Sep 2009
Leo Bodnar submitted the first render of the SLI-PRO
Mon, 12 Oct 2009
First Test of prototype of SLI-PRO, dots are not yet reversed
Tue, 13 Oct 2009
we submitted to Leo Bodnar a new layout for the digits of left and right panel to be able to show 2 or more telemetry info on left and right like:
speed : fuel
lap time on right
1 : 23 . 456
or RPM + Gear

6200 : 4

The final render of the SLI-PRO

12 Nov. 2009

SLI-PRO was released to general public in November!
This is the beginning of the most successful racing display ever made for sim racing community.

SLIPro Manager (discontinued)

Following the release of the SLI-PRO usb device, SLIPro Manager beta is released and dedicated to the SLI-PRO device display.


SLI-PRO Emulator (SLIEmu) for Android

The year of the creation of the virtual racing display “EMUlator” of the SLI-PRO for Android during the development of the famous SLI-PRO device display.
SLIEmu was the first virtual racing dash available in the world for Android with a mini buttonbox integrated (4 virtual buttons and 2 virtual switch 12 positions) and was created primarily to test the software before the availability of the device itself. This first gen emulator SLI-EMU is still working with SLIMax Manager Pro and available for download today (2018).

EMULATOR: A racing dash emulator is NOT a simple graphics application but a software that emulates the FIRMWARE of the real usb device display.


SLIMax Manager (discontinued)
First Release of the SLIMax Manager which support all displays available and controllers from Leo Bodnar and contains a plugin system to add the support of all games and simulations easily.Codemasters F1 2010 released with a native support of the SLI-PRO device this year.
SLIMax Manager II (discontinued)
Improved version of the SLIMax Mgr with new plugins interface, licenses management and new games supported
SLIZee App For SLI-PRO and SLI-M (discontinued)
Free limited software based on SLIMax Mgr to demo and test the SLI-PRO and SLI-M display devices

2012 is the beginning of a great collaboration with Codemasters F1 dev team to improve the Codemasters API. The API v2 of the F1 2012 title was already a great improvement. Additional telemetry data with a full backward compatibility have been added each year before each new release of Codemasters F1 game until F1 2017 (API v5).
In 2018 Codemasters F1 Team had introduced a completely new API (v6) for its F1 2018 title which goes even further, beyond all expectation. A great and stable API for your racing displays and virtual dash and motion platform obviously fully supported by EKSIMRacing software.


SLIMax Manager II
This was a big improvement of SLIMax Manager with a new internal plugin architecture to take into account the new upcoming game/simulation and hardware equipment (simulator system and other LCD/Shiftlights devices) and a new UI based on skins.


In partnership with SIM Display we started to work first to improve the existing firmware and then on design of several usb display devices during those years to add the full support of the displays to SLIMax Manager and later to SLIMax Manager Pro.


SLIMax Manager III

A full support of Fanatec hardware has been added to SLIMax Manager version 3 in 2013 (the full support of Fanatec hardware is still available today in 2018 with SLIMax Manager Pro).

SIM Race F1 Emulator
New emulator of the great SIM Race F1 usb racing display from SIM Display (a McLaren F1 style display) for Android has been released this year. Still available today and 100% free.
SLIMax Manager For MacOS released  and discontinued
Not enough game/simulation on MacOS platform, The project has been discontinued quickly.

MotionMax Manager


Project of a 6DOF Motion platform manager software dedicated to PRO Racing driver has been started in 2015… and took 2 years of development to be completed.

SLIMax Manager Pro

One of the most advanced racing display devices and virtual racing dash display manager has been released this year. This new PRO version of SLIMax Manager has been improved during years and the UI has been reworked to access all feature easily and to give you, in 2018, a full control of your racing display devices and emulators, powerful features to customize your racing display and to support more than 60 games/simulations.


First release of the Virtual Racing Dash Emulator for Android, Windows and Linux.

4 Racing displays ready to use
+ 44 pages to create your own custom racing dash displays with an integrated editor


A fully integrated virtual buttonbox with 32buttons, 3 rotary switch and 5 encoders

The second gen EMUlator of virtual racing display has been released this year.  Based on the firmware of SIM Race F1, VDASH-EMU is an huge improvement compared to first gen EMU with high quality graphics rendering (OpenGL 2+ based) and high performance and hundred of telemetry data available (depending the game API), with 44 pages for customization for your dash and up to 4 EMU running at the same time at full speed.


The SIM Race LCD from SIM Display has been released this year!True USB controller + true LEDs associated with an full color graphics LCD display to run VDASH-EMU
A full “New F1 style” display device with LCD has been released this year. A special version of VDASH-EMU for SIM Race LCD has been created to be able to customize your racing dash (up to 48 displays usable with more than 60 games/simulations).
Virtual To Real (V2R) technology created by Zappadoc is available to general public in 2017.Using the Teensy LC usb controller with EKSIMRacing V2R firmware, the V2R turns any VDASH-EMU virtual buttonbox running on Android or Windows or Linux to a REAL buttonbox like the famous DSD buttonbox but with the flexibility to create/edit/modify up to 44 custom buttonbox with the integrated editor.
Reference and stable version of SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6 is released
Reference and stable version of VDASH-EMU v1.1-33 is released.

MotionMax Manager FREX Edition and SCN Edition v1.0 is released.

A special version of MotionMax Manager to manage the FREX 6DOF Simulator has been released in 2018.


Latest stable version of SLIMax Manager Pro (v3.4.6.5) is released


SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition (discontinued use SLIMax Mgr Pro instead) a powerful, easy to use and 100% free declination of SLIMax Manager Pro but dedicated to Fanatec Hardware racing ecosystem.



SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.6 has been released with the addition of the support of the USB Fanatec Conversion Kit from Leo Bodnar (which is a complete new device management not related to native Fanatec hardware)



April, 2019 the month we introduced the MotionMax 5 software* (full support of 5DOF simulator software)
MotionMax 5 is a more conventional 3 to 5 DOF simulator management than the MotionMax 6DOF software with 3 distinctive layers, the CORE layer (Pitch, Roll, Heave), the SURGE layer and the Traction Loss (TL) layer.

*MotionMax 5 suitable to all “4 legs” simulators are not enough realistic for car racing simulation, are not recommended. the software has been discontinued (since Dec. 2019). We are now focused on 6DOF and 2DOF+TL+SURGE.

MotionMax 6 DOF and 2 DOF SCN Edition Early Access has been released.
MotionMax 2  is a more conventional  2 to 4 DOF simulator management than the MotionMax 6DOF software with 3 distinctive layers, the CORE layer (Pitch, Roll), the SURGE layer and the Traction Loss (TL) layer.


MotionMax Manager 2DOF+TL (Traction Loss) version 1.0 has been released