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Everything you need to know to get started with SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU.

slimax_mgr_pro Download latest SLIMax Manager Pro
emulators for androidemulators_win_onsimracelcd_emulator_win_on Download Android, Windows and Linux
Virtual Racing Display Emulators
emulators_win_on Download PS4 and XBOX One Console Bridges
video tutorials SLIMax Manager Pro (video tutorials)
 Getting Started SLIMax Manager Pro, Getting Started (READ ME FIRST)
SLIMaxMgrPlugin Get latest plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro
slimax_vdash_emu128us_uk VDASH-EMU Getting Started (READ ME FIRST)
slimax_vdash_emu128fr Bien démarrer avec le VDASH-EMU (A Lire en premier)
 slimax_vdash_emu128it  [Italian] Introduzione a VDASH-EMU
vdash_emu_cosworth Get custom templates for VDASH-EMU
Getting Started with Fanatec Hardware
 faq_search_on1  Search the FAQ
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