Getting Started With SLIMax Mgr Pro, VDASH-EMU and Fanatec

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Everything you need to know to get started with SLIMax Manager Pro, VDASH-EMU, SIM Race LCD and Fanatec Hardware.


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SLIMax Manager Pro User Guide


SLIMax Manager Pro User Guide
(work in progress…)



video tutorialsSLIMax Manager Pro (video tutorials)





Virtual Racing Dash/Display Emulator (VDASH-EMU)
For Android, Windows and Linux

User Guide – Guide d’utilisation – Guida utente

SLIMax VDASH-EMU User Guide SLIMax VDASH-EMU Guide d'utilisation SLIMax VDASH-EMU Guida utente



vdash_emu_cosworth Get custom templates for VDASH-EMU


Getting Started with SIM Race LCD Device
(special dedicated version of VDASH-EMU for SIM Race LCD device display)



All Fanatec Hardware Supported For Free!

Getting Started with Fanatec Hardware