Getting Started With SLIMax Mgr Pro and VDASH-EMU


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Everything you need to know to get started with SLIMax Manager Pro, VDASH-EMU, SIM Race LCD, Thrustmaster and Fanatec Hardware.


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SLIMax Manager Pro User Guide


SLIMax Manager Pro User Guide
(work in progress…)



Check the links below to get started with SLIMax Manager Pro. You will find how to install, register and get your license, select a simulation or game setup, download and instal plugins package, Select function for left and right panel, assign led to function, assign control to function, etc.

The basic steps:

video tutorialsSLIMax Manager Pro ( all video tutorials)





Configure your game or simulation to send telemetry data


Common Questions / Answers

The Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from the FAQ…



Virtual Racing Dash/Display Emulator (VDASH-EMU)
For Android, Windows and Linux

All user guides in English, Français, Italiano. Read the VDASH-EMU user guide to get started with your racing display and button-box Emulator.

User Guide – Guide d’utilisation – Guida utente

SLIMax VDASH-EMU User Guide SLIMax VDASH-EMU Guide d'utilisation SLIMax VDASH-EMU Guida utente



Get custom templates for VDASH-EMU

Custom display or button-box templates ready to use, A good start to customize your VDASH-EMU (a support account is needed to get the templates).


EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (V2R) USB Controller (User Guides)

V2R Technology is now available to your EKSIMRacing software, Click the icon below to read the doc (in English, Français, Italiano) to turn your virtual button-box to a REAL Button-box to use with all your games.


Getting Started with SIM Race LCD Device
(special dedicated version of VDASH-EMU for SIM Race LCD device display)

Read the first instructions to get started with your SIM Display SIM Race LCD device.



All Thrustmaster Hardware Supported For Free!

Getting Started with Thrustmaster Hardware




All Fanatec Hardware Supported For Free!

Getting Started with Fanatec Hardware