NEW SLIMax Manager Pro (2019-06-07 v3.4.6.6c)

SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4 Control Your Gameware Applications and plugins (c)2011-2019 by Zappadoc – All Rights Reserved.   SLIMax Manager Pro 3.4 ( v3.4.6.6c) (updated 2019-06-07 Check For Update to get the latest plugins) IMPORTANT: The software is for personal use only, By using our software you agree with our terms and conditions of use,Click the red DOWNLOAD button to … Continue reading

VDASH-EMU Virtual Racing Dash Emulators For Android, Windows And Linux (2019-09-09)   Recently updated !

Virtual Racing Dash Display & Button-Box Emulators (Android/Windows/Linux/SIM Race LCD) ¬©2015-2019 By Zappadoc – All Rights Reserved. Emulators for your Android, Windows and Linux OS (SLIMax Manager Pro version or greater is required)   Add a Virtual Racing Display Emulator for Android, Windows or Linux as a second screen to your sim racing hardware to increase your immersion and … Continue reading