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The SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition is a powerful, easy to use and 100% free (for personnal use only) declination of SLIMax Manager Pro but dedicated to Fanatec Hardware racing ecosystem. Control your sim-rig with your favorite games and simulations (more than 60 games/simulations supported).


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You need to get your PRO subscription to be in conformity of our Terms And Conditions if you use SLIMax Manager (all versions) in ANY BUSINESS CONTEXT (sales of simulators, sim racing center, sales/mod integrated display, sim racing services or entertainment, demo, showcase, exhibition, showroom, or any other business using our software). This symbolic annual fee encourages us to continue to create and maintain professional grade sim racing software for you and contributes to increase the immersion and gaming experience of your customers.

Do I need A Pro Subscription?
Read the FAQ before registering your device.

The software license is for *PERSONAL USE ONLY*,

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All Fanatec hardware are supported by SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition. The software license is 100% free since 2011 (no need a license for personal use only), however if you’re happy with our software and are willing to contribute to EKSIMRacing projects consider making a donation (Link To Donation Page).

Download, Install, Configure your game to send telemetry and Enjoy your sim-(motion)-rig with your favorite game or simulation.

By using our software you understand and agree our terms and conditions of use. By using our software you understand and agree our terms and conditions of use.

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Download SLIMax Manager Fanatec Edition