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Virtual To Real (V2R) Firmware
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Your Virtual Button-Box is now a REAL Button-Box!
It’s Magic! and available since version of SLIMax Manager Pro (2017-10)!

EKSIMRacing is proud to announce the availability of the Virtual To Real (V2R) technology which literally turn your virtual button-box included with VDASH-EMU (virtual racing display emulator for Android/Windows/Linux) to a REAL Button-Box!

Plug the EKSIMRacing V2R Controller to the usb port.
(The Controller is based on Teensy-LC from PJRC ($12 only) + a 100% FREE EKSIMRacing custom firmware)
Run your VDASH-EMU and load your favorite button-box layout,
Launch SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.3+,
And then like any real (physical) button-box, go to the game settings and assign your buttons/encoders!

Simple as that!


EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (V2R) in action with RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E)

Assign the controls a a real button-box!


This works on every games or simulations. The new powerful feature for VDASH-EMU is available for download as a free update for all registered users!

Here is an example with Elite Dangerous Game (video by Yoann Bill)

EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (V2R) USB Controller (User Guides)
Use your integrated virtual button-box of VDASH-EMU as a REAL Button-Box

Click the button below to read the user guide available in English, Français and Italiano to get started with EKSIMRacing V2R USB Controller