EKSIMRacing Firmware

Your Virtual Button-Box is now a REAL Button-Box!
It’s Magic! and available since version of SLIMax Manager Pro (2017-10)!

EKSIMRacing is proud to announce the availability of the Virtual To Real (VToR) technology which literally turn your virtual button-box included with VDASH-EMU (virtual racing display emulator for Android/Windows/Linux) to a REAL Button-Box!

Plug the EKSIMRacing VToR Controller to the usb port.
(The Controller is based on Teensy-LC from PJRC ($12 only) + a 100% FREE EKSIMRacing custom firmware)
Run your VDASH-EMU and load your favorite button-box layout,
Launch SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.3+,
And then like any real (physical) button-box, go to the game settings and assign your buttons/encoders!

Simple as that!

This works on every games or simulations. The new powerful feature for VDASH-EMU is available for download as a free update for all registered users!

EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (VToR) USB Controller (User Guides)
Use your integrated virtual button-box of VDASH-EMU as a REAL Button-Box