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Check if your device is connected properly before asking for support.

If your device isn’t connected properly contact your hardware supplier as this is typically a hardware/firmware issue.

We do not provide hardware/firmware support.

thanks for your understanding.

Use the SLI-PRO or the SIM RACE Deluxe or SIM RACE F1 configuration app to see if your firmware is ok

you should have:

Version 0.22 or 0.23



In Devices and Printers window, you should see SLI-PRO Interface and not bootloader

(bootloader usually means that you need to reinstall your firmware ).


My topic or post has been deleted, why?

Your topic or post was OFF TOPIC, not related to software support or the answer is already in the FAQ. A notification has been sent to you.


How to upgrade after registering your device or EMU to GOLD Subscription?

How to renew/upgrade to GOLD Premium Subscription:



Optional Subscription to GOLD Premium:
If despite all the tutorials, faq and videos you need personal assistance or you enjoy the app and want to help EKSIMRacing projects, you can opt for the GOLD Premium subscription with a donation of $20 or higher.

As soon as you reach $20 or more donation your account will be upgraded to GOLD Premium (if this is not the case just send us a message and we will update your account). The GOLD Premium Subscription therefore includes two full licenses EMU (2x $10). It allows you to get access to all software support forums and exclusive content (templates, beta, setups, texture packs, etc.).

This contribution is recommended if you want a full access to forum and exclusive content and need a personalized assistance and allows EKSIMRacing to invest in hardware in order to test it with SliMax Manager Pro, paying simulations and games updates/licenses, to pay suppliers for the maintenance of web / forum and license servers to be available 24/24 7/7. It’s also a good way to take part by your suggestions to the EKSIMRacing projects. This contribution can be acquired at any time.

if your support subscription has expired, you need to renew your subscription, simply sign-in the support forum, edit your Profile and click the RENEW button.

if you already have a BRONZE subscription the simplest way is to register another device or emulator and reach the $20+ contribution. Your account will be automatically upgraded to GOLD Premium.

Upgrading to GOLD PREMIUM subscription is also the best way to support EKSIMRacing projects.




Souscription GOLD Premium facultative:
Si malgré tous les tutos, videos et faq vous avez besoin d’une assistance personnalisée ou que vous appréciez le soft et voulez aider les projets d’ EKSIMRacing, vous pouvez opter pour la souscription GOLD Premium avec une donation de $20 ou supérieure.

Des que vous atteignez $20 ou plus de donation votre compte de support sera mis à jour en GOLD Premium (si ce n’est pas le cas il suffit d’envoyer un petit message et nous mettrons à jour votre compte). L’abonnement GOLD Premium comprend donc 2 licenses complete EMU (2x $10). Il vous permet d’accéder à tous les forums de support logiciel et à du contenu exclusif (templates, beta, setups, texture packs, etc.).

Cette contribution est recommandée si vous souhaitez un acces total au forums et aux contenus exclusif et si vous avez besoin d’aide personnalisée cela permet à EKSIMRacing d’investir dans du matériels afin de pouvoir le tester avec SLIMax Manager Pro, de payer les mises à jour des simulations et jeux, de payer les fournisseurs pour la maintenance des serveurs web/forum et licenses afin d’être dispo 24/24 7/7. C’est une bonne manière également de participer par vos suggestions au projet d’EKSIMRacing. Cette contribution peut être acquise à tout moment.

si votre abonnement de support a expiré, vous devez renouveler votre abonnement. Connectez-vous au forum et editez vorte Profile puis cliquez sur le bouton RENEW.

Si vous possédez déjà un abonnement BRONZE, la façon la plus simple est d’enregistrer un autre appareil ou un émulateur et d’atteindre une contribution de 20 $ +. Votre compte sera automatiquement mis à niveau vers GOLD Premium.

La mise à niveau vers l’abonnement GOLD PREMIUM est aussi le meilleur moyen de soutenir les projets EKSIMRacing.




Sottoscrizione opzionale al livello GOLD Premium:
Se nonostante tutti i tutorial, le FAQ e i video presenti avessi bisogno di assistenza personalizzata oppure sei soddisfatto dell’applicazione e vuoi contribuire ai progetti EKSIMRacing, puoi optare per la sottoscrizione GOLD Premium effettuando una donazione di 20$ o superiore.

Non appena raggiungi i 20$ o più di donazione, il tuo account sarà elevato al livello GOLD Premium (se non vuoi ciò, basta inviarci un messaggio e ripristineremo il tuo account al livello precedente). La sottoscrizione GOLD Premium perciò include DUE licenze complete per Emulatore (2x $10). Ti consente anche di avere pieno accesso a tutto il forum di supporto e ai contenuti esclusivi (templates, beta, setups, texture packs, ecc.).

Tale contributo è raccomandato se, oltre ad ottenere l’accesso completo al forum e ai contenuti esclusivi, desideri ricevere assistenza personalizzata permettendo ad EKSIMRacing di investire ulteriormente nell’hardware da testare con SliMax Manager Pro, pagare le licenze e gli aggiornamenti dei simulatiori e dei giochi compatibili e dei fornitori e collaboratori che si occupano della gestione e manutenzione del sito e del forum del server delle licenze disponibile 24 ore su 24 tutto l’anno. E’ anche un modo per essere parte dei progetti EKSIMRacing grazie alle tue eventuali richieste di sviluppo. Puoi decidere di contribuire quando vuoi.

se la tua sottoscrizione è scaduta è necessario rinnovarla semplicemente facendo l’accesso al forum, aprendo il tuo profilo e cliccando il pulsante RENEW.

Se possiedi già una sottoscrizione BRONZE il modo migliore per farlo è registrando un nuovo dispositivo o l’emulatore, effettuando contestualmente una donazione di 20$ o superiore. Il tuo account verrà aggiornato automaticamente al livello  GOLD Premium.

Aggiornare a GOLD PREMIUM  il modo migliore di supportare i progetti futuri di EKSIMRacing.



how I can login to the forum and create an account so I can download additional plugins?

Plugins Updates are available to anyone

** you don’t need a support account to get them **

** Select menu “Check For Update” to get the latest plugins **

Click HERE to open the plugins page and get plugins information


SIM Display SIM Race F1, GT, DLX, PRO includes SLIMax Manager license


SIM Display includes one license with all display (SIM Race LCD, F1, Deluxe, Pro and GT devices)
+ a BRONZE software support subscription to access to software and plugins updates, FAQ, video tutorials and std documentation.
Register your EKSIMRacing support account is only needed to upgrade your account to GOLD Premium subscription.

GOLD PREMIUM subscription can be purchased and includes:
– access to personalized software support forums, exclusive content and beta software,
in addition to software and plugins updates, FAQ, video tutorials, std documentation and setups repository.
Register the EKSIMRacing forum is obviously REQUIRED to create your GOLD support account.

SIM Race LCD board comes with one license for VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD + a GOLD Premium subscription as well



IMPORTANT: Read Before Posting in forum:

– please don’t PM or EMAIL us for support (read FAQ for more details, use EMAIL for license/registration question only ),
– respect all the stuff that has been done here by searching/reading before posting,
READ All sticky topics,
– game/sim should be up to date and match the current version requirement to work (see release notes and F.A.Q. ),
– the Windows Control Panel “Game Controllers” or Windows Devices Must recognize your USB device,
– SLI USB Device owner, launch SLI Manager and select Testing Device menu to test your unit,
– check the software with default parameters first (without changing any line in the config file),
– topic/post are moderated, this typically involves a member posting a topic or reply and requiring it to be approved before the other can see it.
– obviously, any competitor software must be closed (beware some are running in background) to run SLIMax Manager with  your Fanatec CSW, CSL, CSR, Porsche or others, Logitech G27/G29, VDASH-EMU, SLI-EMU, SRF1-EMU or any USB SLI Display devices successfully.

Almost ALL software issue with latest version are due to a bad installation, a misconfiguration or a misunderstanding of the FAQ. So please, read the FAQ carefully and everything will be ok.

if you do not received instructions email to get your license, check the SPAM or JUNK mailbox first to get it and obviously, feel free to drop us a line by email if you still didn’t get the notification within 24h.


Can I use PM or EMAIL for support?

No, PM and EMAIL should not be use for support with 2 exceptions:

if your issue is related to license or registration (you can find a form in EKSIMRacing support forum which is better than email)

and obviously if we request a reply by email or PM.


What’s the language allowed in forum?

Software support only available in English but French is also allowed even if all information are in English (a French Forum has been opened for French community).

Some documentation are available in Italian as well

SLIMax Manager Setup Help is available in UK/US, Italian and French, check the corresponding video tutorial to see how to get help in your native language.

Contact us by email if you are willing to help and want to translate the doc in other language.


How to get full access to the forum (Gold PREMIUM subscription)?

Complete your donation to reach the minimum contribution of $20 and ask for your GOLD Premium subscription upgrade and get access to all support forums and exclusive content (like beta software, VDASH-EMU texture packs, EMU Custom templates, tips and tricks, etc. ).

Notes: GOLD Premium Subscription has been created to support EKSIMRacing projects and to take part to these projects by your suggestions and contributions in forum and not only to get  access of exclusive content. ;) All good, reliable and doable suggestions from GOLD Premium members are implemented.

To take benefit of your GOLD Premium subscription you must first register your device or emulator and create your support account. if you already have a BRONZE subscription the simplest way to go GOLD is to register another device or emulator and reach the $20+ contribution. Your account will be automatically upgraded to GOLD Premium.




is EK no longer active in sim-racing community?

yes EK is no longer active and Zappadoc is now the lead dev of EKSimracing in charge of all projects, forum and website maintenance ( announced the September 06, 2011 ).


How do I report a bug (or supposed to be a bug)?

SLIMax Manager has reached the “STABLE” Level which means no major bug.

First, try to reproduce the bug to identify it.
Search in FAQ or forum to see if the topic has been already discussed.
Then, find the right section in the forum and write your bug reports with a lot of details.
adding pictures and/or video could be necessary in some case. Keep in mind I can’t fix a bug that I can’t catch. so, more specific you are more it can be fixed quickly. 😉


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