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4 Registration And License

can’t get my Steelseries SRWheel-S1 (SRW-S1) license using “Online Validation” ?

SLIMAx Manager doesn’t recognized my wheel or when I click the “Online Validation” button SLIMax Manager says

“Error: License Not Found (wrong serial number) or Failed To Download Your License Key!” ?

This is a rare bug in Steelseries SRWheel-S1 (SRW-S1) firmware which return a different serial number from the one written on your wheel.


To get your serial number use the Registration Information window of SLIMax Manager directly, see this FAQ how to get your serial number,

right-click to copy the SRWHEEL-S1 line
and send it to us by email with a screenshot of your  serial written on back of your wheel.
The license will be re-generated for free if you are in such case.


Registration Information doesn’t display my Device SERIAL NUMBER?

Q: I follow carefully the installation instructions and read the FAQ related to SLIMax Manager but my device is not recognized by SLIMax Manager and the Registration Information Panel doesn’t display my device SERIAL NUMBER?
A: You have an hardware issue or the device is not connected properly to your PC (check the USB cable, USB Hub, Windows Device Manager, Game controllers, etc.. ). Check also the Firmware version of your SLI device with the Configuration tool provided by your hardware supplier.
we do not provide hardware support and this issue is NOT related to SLIMax Manager software. Contact your hardware supplier.




License must be copied into licenses directory:

ATTENTION: Since version 3.2 of SLIMax Manager an “Online Validation” method is used to download and install automatically your license key,  check this FAQ .

Your license is installed automatically (DO NOT OPEN IT) into ../Documents/SLIMax Manager Pro/licenses/  directory.



SLIMax Manager do not recognize the device?

There’s 3 main causes if SLIMax Manager do not recognize your device and obviously, windows recognizes your device and the device test has been successfully passed.

1) you didn’t double-check the registration form and provide a WRONG serial number
Contact us by email but we will not deliver a new license without a new and complete registration form ( donation included )

2) you have a SRW-S1 device with a firmware bug, see this FAQ for more details or you provide the right model of SLI device and the good serial number but the license key file is corrupted, contact us (no need to register again)

3) you have a permission issue, run SLIMax Manager as Administrator see the FAQ HERE

For FANATEC (CSW, CSL, CSR, Porsche or others) owners, just open the Game Devices Properties in Windows Devices And Printers to reset your driver or re-install it, check the FAQ HERE


Registered but Still Waiting For My license…?

You have sent your registration form and your paypal donation for at least 24/48 hours and you have no news, no license?

Please check your  SPAM JUNK MAILBOX first!

THIS IS A COMMON PROBLEM your registration / donation is incomplete and the instructions has been sent to you using your email and are usually in your SPAM/JUNK mailbox of your Emailer or contact us by email.


Registering Multiple Devices?

I have recently purchased a second SLI Pro and was wondering if I have to make a second donation to be able to use it as well as my other SLI Pro?

Yes, the license concern the device itself not SLIMax Manager, you need to register each device.


Transferable license to new owner?

if I sell an SLI Pro in the future, will the new owner be able to register that same device with the same serial number I already registered?

1) yes, drop us a line by email to indicate the new owner details and ask him to go in the forum/website to get access to the FAQ and doc.

2) the license isn’t transferable for software support as this is also a contribution to help us to maintain the forum, hosting service, domain name, updates, etc. if the new owner want a software support and get a full access to the forum and have exclusive content and updates then he needs to register by making a minimum donation and create its support account.


How do I know if I’m already registered?

1) you can login the support forum (only registered account can login the support forum)

2) you have received a notification by email to confirm your registration

3) click the “Profile” button on Software Support Forum and make sure you have “Registered” written


I still didn’t received my device license key?

ATTENTION: The notification email with instructions to get your license automatically is sent within 24/48h
Check your SPAM JUNK Mailbox if you didn’t get it! contact us by email.




How to install your license key MANUALLY with SLIMax Mgr ?


You don’t have to worry about license installation.


How to get my license key if I lost it?

Do not register and donate again if you lost your license key,

SLIMax Manager v3.4 or greater will fetch AUTOMATICALLY your license online if it can’t find it locally. You don’t have to worry about your license.

If latest SLIMax Mgr do not recognized your device and you registered your device before June 2013, your account has expired, upgrade your support account to validate your license and be able to use your device.



How to register additional license ( purchase additional license )?

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Additional License

Register ADDITIONAL license is the same process as registering your first license you need to use SLIMax Manager Pro and the donation minimum is $5 to get your license.

Make your donation only, DO NOT CREATE A NEW SUPPORT ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY OWN ONE, double account is NOT allowed.

Run SLIMax Manager Pro
> Select Registration Info menu if the windows is not visible
> Select the device or emulator in the list
> And click the REGISTER button
> and make your donation

FOR “Additional” LICENSE for Android Emulator (VDASH-EMU For Android) at discount price:
A discount is applicable to first 4 additional Android EMU Licenses and cost only $2 if you have already an android EMU License and if you register your support account,
if a discount is applicable to you a button is visible on your support account Profile. click the link below to be redirected to your support account profile (copy/paste your EMU SERIAL NUMBER to avoid any error): Additional Android EMU at discount price


PLEASE Double-check your device serial number.
If you enter the wrong serial number we will NOT provide you another license.







Register your USB Device or your Emulator





Since 2013, register your SLI Display USB Device or SLI Emulators for android or Windows consist simply to:

to contribute to the project by making your donation (minimum $5) and get a device or emulator license.
sign-in the forum to create your support account. REGISTER and create your support account after the donation is IMPORTANT to get first instructions and get access to forum and exclusive content.

Click this line to get more information on how to register your license..

if you do not understand one of this step, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form HERE.




Depuis 2013, enregistrez votre périphérique USB d’affichage ou un EMUlateur pour Android ou Windows ou Linux consiste simplement à:

– contribuer au projet en faisant votre don (minimum $5) pour obtenir une license pour un périphérique USB ou un EMUlateur
– remplir votre fiche dans le forum pour créer votre compte de support. INSCRIVEZ-VOUS et créez votre compte d’assistance après votre donation est IMPORTANT pour obtenir les premières instructions et avoir accès au forum et au contenu exclusif.

Cliquez cette ligne pour obtenir plus d information sur l enregistrement de votre license.

si vous ne comprenez pas une étape, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter en remplissant le formulaire ICI.




Dal 2013, registrare il tuo dispositivo SLI USB o l’emulatore SLI per Android o Windows consta di due semplici passi:

– contribuire al progetto effettuando una donazione (minimo $5) per ottenere una licenza per un dispositivo o per un emulatore
– registrarsi al forum per creare il tuo account di supporto. Registrarsi e creare il tuo account di supporto dopo la donazione è importante per ottenere prime istruzioni e accedi ai forum e contenuti esclusivi.

 Clicca qui per maggiori informazioni su come registrare la tua licenza.

se non capisci uno di questi passi, sentiti libero di contattarci compilando l’apposito form QUI.



How to get the display or emulator serial number?


To get the serial number of your USB SLI Device Display (SLI-F1, SLI-M, SLI-PRO or SIM RACE LCD or SIM RACE GT or SIM RACE Deluxe or SIM RACE F1 or and SRWheel-S1) or Android/Windows/Linux Emulator (VDASH-EMU or SLI-EMU or SRF1-EMU),

Make sure your hardware is installed and recognized by Windows, launch SLIMax Manager Pro (download the latest version) and the ‘Registration Information‘ window should show up the first time you launch the app, if it didn’t then select the menu “Registration Info…

if your are not yet registered and/or your license is not found by SLIMax Mgr Pro a dialog will pop up


Pour obtenir le numéro de série de votre SLI Device USB Display  (SLI-F1, SLI-M, SLI-PRO ou SIM RACE LCD ou SIM RACE GT ou RACE SIM Deluxe ou RACE SIM F1 ou et SRWheel-S1) ou votre Emulator Android / Windows / Linux  (vdash -EMU ou SLI-EMU ou SRF1-EMU),

Assurez-vous que votre matériel est installé et reconnu par Windows, lancez SLIMax Manager Pro (télécharger la dernière version) et la fenêtre “Registration Information» devrait apparaître la première fois que vous lancez l’application, si elle ne s’affiche pas sélectionner  le menu “Registration Info…

Si vous n’êtes pas encore inscrit et / ou votre licence n’est pas trouvée par SLIMaxMgr Pro, une boîte de dialogue s’affiche



After the complete startup of SLIMax Mgr Pro the window “Registration Information” should open
Select the device or emulator line and right-click to copy the type with the serial number.
Notes: the ‘– : prefix before the serial number indicates that the license is not yet installed.

Après le démarrage complet du SLIMax Mgr Pro la fenêtre “Registration Information” devrait s’ouvrir
Sélectionnez la ligne de l’appareil ou émulateur et clic droit pour copier le type avec le numéro de série.
Notes: le ‘-:’ préfixe avant le numéro de série indique que la licence est pas encore installée.



US/UK: if you can’t see the Registration Information window at startup, select the menu “Registration Info…” to open it

EN FRANCAIS: si vous ne pouvez pas voir la fenêtre Registration Information au démarrage, sélectionnez le menu “Registration Info …” pour l’ouvrir



SLIMax Manager Pro if you do not have access to the menu yet and the Registration Information window should pop up at startup.

SliMax Manager Pro si vous n’avez pas accès au menu encore et la fenêtre d’information d’enregistrement doit apparaître au démarrage.


SLIMax Manager do not recognize ANYMORE the device?

if the SLIMax Manager didn’t recognize your device anymore and ask you for registration key this is NOT RELATED TO the software but more a firmware issue (sometime the firmware needs to be re-installed) or an hardware issue (cable, hub, usb port, ….).

Check this FAQ first to see if the device is correctly recognized by Windows, re-install the firmware if needed.

We do not provide hardware support, if it’s an hardware issue contact your hardware supplier directly.



SLIMax Manager do not recognize the device?

There’s 3 main causes if SLIMax Manager Pro do not recognize your device (obviously, windows recognizes your usb device and the device test has been successfully passed).

1) you didn’t double-check the registration form and provide a WRONG serial number
We need to generate a new SERIAL NUMBER, send a new donation with the good serial number and with a text “wrong SN registered” in Paypal comments

2) you didn’t double-check the registration form and provide a good serial number but the WRONG model of SLI Device (you choose SLI-PRO in place of SLI-M for example )
Contact us by email  with a short explanation (no need to register again)

3) you provide the right model of SLI device and the good serial number
You have a network communication issue and the license cannot be downloaded from our server. You need to check your Windows configuration and fix it.

So please DOUBLE-CHECK your SERIAL NUMBER and DEVICE or EMU TYPE when you register.

if you register from the SLIMax Manager Pro the type and SERIAL NUMBER will be automatically displayed.


Get Your License Key with SLIMax Mgr 3.2 or greater

Your license is AUTOMATICALLY downloaded and installed at startup by SLIMax Manager 3.4 or greate if it doesn’t find it locally,

if you are fully registered you normally don’t have to worry about license.



Can’t make a donation from Japan, why?

If you try to make a Paypal donation from Japan and received this error message:


Login your Paypal account and send money to the zappadoc email ( see the email in the picture above). It seems Japanese can no longer send donation since the April 2013!? this information need to be verified…

Before sending your money review the pricing FAQ, HERE.

How to get the display or emulator serial number? Read the FAQ, HERE

Also, don’t forget to add in Paypal comments:

– the type of USB device (SLI-F1, SLI-PRO, SLI-M,VDASH-EMU, etc…)

– and its serial number

The correct device type + its serial number is absolutely needed to generate the license



how I can login to the forum and create an account so I can download additional plugins?

Plugins Updates are available to anyone

** you don’t need a support account to get them **

** Select menu “Check For Update” to get the latest plugins **

Click HERE to open the plugins page and get plugins information


Why SLIMax Manager seems to require a license to use my Fanatec wheel?

Q: Why SLIMax Manager seems to require a license to use my Fanatec wheel (CSW, CSL, CSR, Porsche or others) ?

it displays the Registration Information panel with an empty list at startup before closing or without any mention of the Fanatec

this simply a problem with your Fanatec driver, in most case opening the Device game properties will reset the driver and fix it

(go to Windows Devices And Printers and right-click the Fanatec icon to display the Game Controller Settings and open the properties of your Fanatec),


sometime you need to re-install the Fanatec driver, check the Fanatec website to download the official driver.

If your Fanatec wheel is correctly installed and recognized you should see the name of the wheel in “Devices And Setups” menu.