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How to register additional license ( purchase additional license )?

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Additional License

Register ADDITIONAL license is the same process as registering your first license you need to use SLIMax Manager Pro and the donation minimum is $5 to get your license.

Make your donation only, DO NOT CREATE A NEW SUPPORT ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY OWN ONE, double account is NOT allowed.

Run SLIMax Manager Pro
> Select Registration Info menu if the windows is not visible
> Select the device or emulator in the list
> And click the REGISTER button
> and make your donation

FOR “Additional” LICENSE for Android Emulator (VDASH-EMU For Android) at discount price:
A discount is applicable to first 4 additional Android EMU Licenses and cost only $2 if you have already an android EMU License and if you register your support account,
if a discount is applicable to you a button is visible on your support account Profile. click the link below to be redirected to your support account profile (copy/paste your EMU SERIAL NUMBER to avoid any error): Additional Android EMU at discount price


PLEASE Double-check your device serial number.
If you enter the wrong serial number we will NOT provide you another license.







Registered but Still Waiting For My license…?

You have sent your registration form and your paypal donation for at least 24/48 hours and you have no news, no license?

Please check your  SPAM JUNK MAILBOX first!

THIS IS A COMMON PROBLEM your registration / donation is incomplete and the instructions has been sent to you using your email and are usually in your SPAM/JUNK mailbox of your Emailer or contact us by email.


How to get SLI-EMU or SRF1-EMU serial number?

You can use the Registration Information of SLIMax Manager Pro, see the FAQ here:




What’s the main difference between application on Android that displays telemetry and an emulator?

What’s the main difference between application on Android that displays telemetry and an emulator?

The emulator has the same behavior as the real USB Device and emulate the FIRMWARE itself to send HID USB Reports through wifi network connection and obviously displays the information in the same way as the real device by drawing them dynamically on the screen. This is a challenge to get it working with NO LAG! because where the real device allows more than 1000 cycles of updates per second, Android allows on common smartphone less than 60 cycles/sec only…

I’m always fascinated when I read some comparisons of simple graphic apps for Android and SLI-PRO or SIM RACE F1 Emulators!  It’s like mixing apples and oranges.

EMUs literally simulate the REAL HARDWARE DEVICE behaviors…these graphic apps are nothing related to FIRMWARE EMULATION.

Using emulator let you give a try to the corresponding usb display device before buying or test some behaviors or new setups from  your testing configuration like a laptop before applying them to your sim rig… Obviously, if you dedicate a phone to the EMU on your rig it can fully replace the real hardware device.

EMUs are accurate, fast enough to be compared to real display device and cheap compared to the corresponding price of real usb device (a minimum donation of $5 is requested to get a license FOR ALL EMULATORS, the same license is usable with all emulators).


Installation SLIEmu APK step by step:

How to Install Android Hardware Emulator on your phone (SLI-EMU, SRF1-EMU, …):

1) take your phone/tablet and go to settings:

  • a) enable WIFI
  • b) select Applications > Allow Unknown Sources (check-box)
1 2 3


2) with your phone, launch Navigator and go to our blog to download SLIEMU



3) click the notification to install SLIEMU application


4) open SLIEMU


5) click Options button to register and follow this FAQ


Register SLIEmu or SRF1-EMU in 3 steps:

The following information are valid for all Android/Windows/Linux emulators ( VDASH-EMU, SLI-EMU,…)

REMINDER: SRF1-EMU the SIM Race F1 emulator is now 100% FREE!

Read the FAQ to register EMU and Device







Using SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU with SLIMax Manager ( license key installation ):

Make sure your hardware is installed and recognized by Windows, SLIMax Manager will attempts to get your license online on first run. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to download and install the license automatically.

* ATTENTION: your phone must connected to your local WIFI network (LAN) and you should be able to reach the phone with your PC using “ping” command with the IP address of the phone (your PC must also be connected to the same local network with WIFI or Ethernet cable).

*Check the video tutorial to install automatically your license key.


SLI-Emu and SRF1-EMU Common Errors:

Check your settings :

READ THIS FIRST: A common issue is a problem with Windows UAC / Permission so run SLIMax Manager as administrator to avoid any permission issue. see this FAQ HERE

1- SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU running on Android 2.2 or >

2- SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU must be ready and Waiting for SLIMax Manager before running the manager

3- WIFI on the phone must be enabled and ready (you should surf the net for example)

4- PC must be connected to Ethernet cable or WIFI on the SAME network as the phone

5- obviously, your license MUST be valid and inside ..\Documents\SLIMax Manager Pro\licenses\ directory. SLIMax Manager download and install automatically your license if it do not find it locally.

6- On the first failure of the connection, you disabled the detection of SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU at startup see this video tutorial to enable/disable detection of Emulator at statup HERE.

7- when running SLIMax manager the first time you should setup your firewall to allow communication between PC and Phone. Delete any rules that prevent SLIMax Mgr to communicate with your phone.

8- sometime you must restart SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU to be able to connect to. Do not deactivate SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU, quit SLIMax Manager first, restart SLI-Emu and start again SLIMax Manager. if needed go to your Android Phone settings and select Applications and then Force the emulator to stop.

9- in very complex network configuration you have to enter manually the IP of your PC, create a simple text file named “ip.ecfg” save it into  ..\Documents\SLIMax Manager Pro\cfg\ directory In this file enter one line with:

IP = x.x.x.x

#replace x.x.x.x by the IP of your PC (i.e. )

10. your phone must be reachable by your PC before using SLIMax Manager and SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU, use the command prompt (cmd.exe) to check your phone connectivity

Let say your phone IP is

– run cmd.exe
– and type:

Google is your friend, check with google how to connect your phone on your local wifi network


11. if SLIMax Manager doesn’t recognize your sliemu.key, check the phone serial number

12. obviously, any competitor software must be closed (beware some are running in background) to run SLIMax Manager and the emulators successfully



Forcing the detection of your PC IP network:


Since version v2.0 of emulators and with SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4 you no longer need to enter your IP Just activate the wifi and launch the latest emulator version (make sure to select the correct WIFI configuration on your phone to be in the same network as SLIMax Manager Pro).

Your phone with EMU cannot connect to the PC:
a) click the Menu button followed by “My IP and Serial Number” then click Go Back button of your Phone,
EMU displays IPDest:
b) you can PING successfully your phone IP address

ok so you have more than ONE network adapters in your PC and SLIMax Manager Pro do not detect the active one.

Deactivate your VPN if SLIMax Manager Pro do not detect your EMU.


ATTENTION, THIS SOLUTION IS NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE A SIMPLE LOCAL NETWORK, it is preferable to fix your network issue than forcing the IP.

How to force SLIMax Mgr Pro to detect my PC IP:
create with Notepad a new text file with a line containing the IP = x.x.x.x (x.x.x.x must be replaced by your PC IP)
Let say your Phone IP is and your PC IP is, so create a file and put this line into it:

IP =

and then save it inside /Documents/SLIMax Manager Pro/cfg/ directory with the name: ip.ecfg

Now SLIMax Manager will not trying to detect your PC IP but just read the ip.ecfg to get it.

IMPORTANTif you change your IP, change also ip.ecfg file or delete the file in cfg directory


Need additional license after OS or ROM update?

Applicable to Android EMU Version only:

Your license is no longer recognized after a reset or a major update of your Android System OS. Unfortunately, due to the design of this OS… it is normal.

We are sorry by this inconvenience. However, we will never ask you to update your Android System and we recommend to dedicate your Android Phone/Tablet to your EMUlators.

An std OTA update from google usually not alter your Android EMU installation (it depends),

but  if you do a full backup of the APP+DATA before you will be able or not to restore your EMU installation after an OS update… otherwise an additional Android emulator license will be needed.

NO, the update VDASH-EMU does not change anything in your license and it remains valid

Yes, the Android system update or phone / tablet change requires a new license called “Additional”

YES, every additional PC / LAPTOP running  VDASH-EMU for Windows needs a VALID license called “Additional” to work at FULL SPEED with simulations or games

YES, you have LAG if you do not have a VALID licenses installed for all phone / tablet / PC using the VDASH-EMU on your LAN (you can use up to 4 VDASH-EMU simultaneously).

So before making a “bug/registration report” check if the serial number you registered matches the one you currently have… and if needed get an “additional” license!

Get an Additional License


I have a license for SLI-M. Do I have to register and donate for the emu again?

yes, a minimum donation of $5 is required to get your emulator license.  This is a completely new software development and require the same time (even more) to develop for SLIMax Manager and mobile platform.

Reminder: Your license with SLIMax Manager Pro is valid for more than 60 games or simulations.


If I donate from my handy for the emu, there will be a deviceID transmitted. If I change my handy, do I have to register and donate again?

Applicable to Android EMU Version only:

2A. If I donate from my handy for the emu, there will be a deviceID transmitted.

not exactly. the encrypted message transmitted contains also the deviceID but not only, we call it SLIEmu serial number.
(this why you must follow the registration process from your phone after the installation of SLIEmu application, this is also the best way to know if the app works on your phone)

2B. If I change my handy, do I have to register and donate again?

logically YES as you are going to use a new device with SLIMax Manager and obviously with a new SLIEmu serial number, but if you do a full backup of the app+data on OS/ROM update, you will be able to restore it otherwise additional Android license is needed. See HERE for more info.


Behind the scenes…

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