The configuration is pretty simple as the “shared memory” flag (allow sending data that contains car telemetry and contextual info) is already activated.

You just need to deactivated the Fanatec Native support if you own a Fanatec steering wheel, goto control settings and map any button or keyboard Key to REV LED’s Toggle and Fanatec LED/Display functions to be able to switch OFF the native management (press several time until OFF is displayed) and let SLIMax Manager takes the control of your Fanatec wheel LEDS/DISPLAY.


2 settings to bypass the Fanatec display (3xDIGITS panel or the OLED display) and the REV LEDs and FLAG LEDs


Thanks to R3E Developers we have now a simple way to bypass of the native Fanatec management.


Old workaround ( seems to be no longer needed ):
You need to edit your ControlSet file each time you change your devices configuration (Controller Profile in game settings). The file is available in

c:\Users\-username-\Documents\MyGame\Simbin\RaceRoom Racing Experience Install #\UserData\ControlSet\

Edit the file with a text editor and set the tag below to 0 (zero):

G27 Led range low=”0.0″ // Min: 0.00, Max: 1.00, Default: 0.81

G27 Led range high=”0.0″ // Min: 0.00, Max: 1.00, Default: 0.96

Led Display Enabled=”0″ // Steering Wheel Led Display Default: 1


IMPORTANT: CAP The Frame Rate!
Well, it seems in current version of R3E that you can’t limit the FPS to give some CPU to all other apps running in background, this is a limitation of the simulation… For now we suggest to activate the VSync in video settings if your monitors is under 60Hz…

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