For your convenience, SLIMax Manager is provided with a COMBO SETUP for iRacing simulation that choose automatically the right settings for you depending the car you drive. This can be very useful as the shiftlights method, Optimal Shiftpoints and other settings are selected automatically to reflect the engine specs but the disadvantage is that any settings change made with SLIMax Mgr (i.e. in Basic or Advanced Options… ) will be discarded in favor of the COMBO SETUP which use a script to supersede all other settings…

2 solutions:

1) No change, you are happy with the current iRacing Combo Setup, it is good enough for you

2) Disable iRacing Combo, don’t choose the setup named …_iracing_combo.cfg and go to “Select Devices Setups” menu and choose the default settings for your device and create your own. See how to create a custom setup step by step FAQ.

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