PRO Registration or Renew Your PRO Subscription

Yes, you should register as PRO to be in conformity of our Terms And Conditions and if you use SLIMax Manager Pro (all versions)  in ANY BUSINESS CONTEXT, like:

– supply hardware products with Shiftlights device display supported by SLIMax Manager  Pro (Steering wheel, button box, dashboard, simulator, mounting plates, etc.)

– provide service(s) using SLIMax Manager Pro (simulator, course, entertainment, etc. )

– demo your products with SLIMax Manager  Pro (video, showcase, exhibition, etc. )

– provide a racing simulation services for drivers of any kind (services for entertainment or any other type of simulation service) that use our software or demo it with them.

– and any other business using SLIMax Manager Pro

No doubt MotionMax Manager or SLIMax Manager Pro increase the gaming experience and the immersion of your customers. The symbolic fee of PRO subscription allows taking into consideration all the work done in the manager since 2008 to provide the best sim-racing software. Any use of our software in business context must contribute to the projects by making a minimum donation, obviously this is symbolic fee but it’s a way to contribute to the project and helps us to continue to provide the best manager of game and display devices. A professional grade development, highly customizable and with always more powerful features.

Register as a PRO by making a minimum contribution of $100 per year to EKSIMRacing Projects:

PRO Register or Renew Your PRO Subscription:



PRO can access to:
– Pro-Support (high level of priority)
– permanent link added in our website
– permanent ads in “Recommended Hardware Suppliers and Racing Services” (logo+short description required),
auto-register for your customers is allowed (contact us by email for details)
– pre-ordering bulk licenses pack is allowed with discount price (contact us by email for details)
– Exclusive content on support forum,
– alpha and beta software info and files,
– and can contribute to improve the project,
– plugins download area,
– MotionMax Manager, SLIMax Manager Pro and Racing Dash Emulator software support,
– std documentation and F.A.Q.
– custom development services (additional fees may be required)

Contact us by email for more info ( info | at |  eksimracing DOT com)


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