Since version v2.0 of emulators and with SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4 you no longer need to enter your IP Just activate the wifi and launch the latest emulator version (make sure to select the correct WIFI configuration on your phone to be in the same network as SLIMax Manager Pro).

Your phone with EMU cannot connect to the PC:
a) click the Menu button followed by “My IP and Serial Number” then click Go Back button of your Phone,
EMU displays IPDest:
b) you can PING successfully your phone IP address

ok so you have more than ONE network adapters in your PC and SLIMax Manager Pro do not detect the active one.

Deactivate your VPN if SLIMax Manager Pro do not detect your EMU.


ATTENTION, THIS SOLUTION IS NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE A SIMPLE LOCAL NETWORK, it is preferable to fix your network issue than forcing the IP.

How to force SLIMax Mgr Pro to detect my PC IP:
create with Notepad a new text file with a line containing the IP = x.x.x.x (x.x.x.x must be replaced by your PC IP)
Let say your Phone IP is and your PC IP is, so create a file and put this line into it:

IP =

and then save it inside /Documents/SLIMax Manager Pro/cfg/ directory with the name: ip.ecfg

Now SLIMax Manager will not trying to detect your PC IP but just read the ip.ecfg to get it.

IMPORTANTif you change your IP, change also ip.ecfg file or delete the file in cfg directory

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