Getting Started with Thrustmaster and SLIMax Manager Pro


Here is the basic steps to get started with SLIMax Manager Pro.

It is FREE for using SLIMax Manager Pro with your favorite wheel!
Don’t wait download and install today stable version or greater of SLIMax Manager Pro to enjoy your sim-rig with more than 60 simulations/games.

List of current Thrustmaster Hardware supported*:

Thrustmaster RGT
Thrustmaster T100
Thrustmaster T500 RS
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Int
Thrustmaster T300 RS
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT
Thrustmaster T150
Thrustmaster T150 Pro
Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer
Thrustmaster TX 458
Thrustmaster TX Leather
Thrustmaster 458 Spider
Thrustmaster TMX
Thrustmaster TMX Pro
Thrustmaster TS-Xbox
Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer
Thrustmaster TH8A
Thrustmaster TH8 RS Shifter
Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals

*Tested with latest Thrustmaster driver and firmware.

SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.2 or greater is required for a full support of all hardware

No need a license to use your Thrustmaster hardware with SLIMax Manager Pro but beware you need to have at least ONE Display connected (Shiftlights interface or Emulator) to run SLIMax Mgr Pro.

The SLIMax Manager Pro with Thrustmaster device connected WITHOUT any shiftlights interface or Virtual Dash EMUlator will NOT START.

A license is obviously needed if you add to your rig as a second screen like an USB Display device (SLI-PRO, SIM Race F1, etc) or the Android/Windows Virtual Racing Display Emulator VDASH-EMU (check the website old gen. EMU SIMRF1-EMU is also available for FREE!!! ).


– download and install the latest SLIMax Manager Pro (Check for update to keep your install up to date)


– configure the sim / games to send telemetry data and to disable Thrustmaster native support (if needed)

– run the manager
– run the sim or game
Enjoy! 🙂

It is recommended to follow the basic steps above, use the Default Thrustmaster setup, enjoy with your sim rig and with your favorite game or simulation (SLIMax Manager Pro supports more than 60 game/simulation) and later start to customize your setup to suit your needs.



The Basic Options:

Select the Basic Setup Options to change the unit (MPH/KPH), change the Pit limiter, Shiftlights or Shiftpoints method.


More info on Basic Options settings are available in User Guide, HERE


Advanced Setup Options:

Check the video tutorials, doc and F.A.Q. to go further and learn how to customize your setup to suit your needs. Activate the Wheel Angle Database to let SLIMax Manager Pro changes your degree of rotation of your wheel (wheel angle) automatically. More info on Wheel Angle are available, HERE.

To go further:
The primary software support information is in on the getting started page and user guides (include video tutorials), see the link below:

Getting Started with SLIMax Manager Pro



VDASH-EMU Getting Started, User Guides and documentation
Add a Virtual Racing Display Emulator for Android, Windows or Linux as a second screen to your Thrustmaster hardware to increase your immersion and gaming experience (all you need to know to start with the emulator in English, French and Italian)


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