Since version 2.2.4 of SLIMax Manager you can install all elements by drag and drop the file onto SLIMax Mgr window directly. The software install automatically this type of files:

  • – package
  • Package contains plugins, setups, scripts, thumbnails,…
  • – license key
  • – plugin
  • – plugin thumbnail
  • – setup
  • – script

Attention: the package overwrites existing files if you have modified setups or scripts, do a backup before installing. Package can also be installed using “Install Package…” menu.



IMPORTANT: you need to restart SLIMax Manager if you install new plugin and then ACTIVATE it.

Notes: since v3.1 of SLIMax Manager you no longer need to restart after plugins installation.

REMINDER: A package is also a ZIP container, to install manually a package change its extension .pkg to .zip and extract it like any zip archive.

 ** Plugins Updates are available to anyone from within SLIMax Mgr **
** Select menu “Check For Update” to get the latest plugins **

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