Since version 3.4.1 of SLIMax Manager you can use rotary switches as encoders.

The new SWITCH AS ENCODER feature works like this, really straightforward don’t worry:

Example with rFactor 2:
Imagine the Temporary Boost of rFactor 2 settings set with key q to increase value and w to dicrease value and you want to manage it with your switch 3 connected to your display device like the SLI-PRO or SIM RACE F1:

Edit your rFactor 2 SLI-PRO setup with Advanced Options
double-click the function switch3_as_encoder
enter key up/down = q/w




Example with iRacing McLaren MP4-30 and the switch 9 of SIM Race F1 device display:


Edit iRacing OPTIONS/Controls/Diff Entry Inc with D key
Edit iRacing OPTIONS/Controls/Diff Entry Dec with C key



Edit your SLIMax Manager Pro setup using Advanced Options Panel

SIMRACEF1 > switch9_as_encoder and enter D and C key and save

IMPORTANT:put the SWITCH 9 at position 0 ( ZERO ) before enter the track. The switch is calibrated the first time you use it, don’t touch the switch during calibration.


that’s it!

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