Since version 3.4.1 of SLIMax Manager you can use rotary switches as encoders.

The new SWITCH AS ENCODER function works like this, really straightforward don’t worry:

IMPORTANT: A rotary switch 12 positions will never be a true encoder and this is why this function is limited and needs to be calibrated each time you go on track. The calibration starts automatically the first time you change the position of the switch. Do not touch (change position of) the switch during calibration and before entering track set your switch at its neutral position (position ZERO to get at least 10 steps forward or in pos. 6 for example to get 5 backward + 5 forward ).


Example with rFactor 2:
Imagine the Temporary Boost of rFactor 2 settings set with key q to increase value and w to dicrease value and you want to manage it with your switch 3 connected to your display device like the SLI-PRO or SIM RACE F1:

Edit your rFactor 2 SLI-PRO setup with Advanced Options
Double-click the function switch3_as_encoder
Enter key up/down = q/w



Example with iRacing
(McLaren MP4-30 and the switch 9 of SIM Race F1 device display):

Edit iRacing OPTIONS/Controls/Diff Entry Inc with D key
Edit iRacing OPTIONS/Controls/Diff Entry Dec with C key



Edit your SLIMax Manager Pro setup using Advanced Options Panel

SIMRACEF1 > switch9_as_encoder and enter D and C key and save


that’s it!

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