– please don’t PM or EMAIL us for support (read FAQ for more details, use EMAIL for license/registration question only ),
– respect all the stuff that has been done here by searching/reading before posting,
READ All sticky topics,
– game/sim should be up to date and match the current version requirement to work (see release notes and F.A.Q. ),
– the Windows Control Panel “Game Controllers” or Windows Devices Must recognize your USB device,
– SLI USB Device owner, launch SLI Manager and select Testing Device menu to test your unit,
– check the software with default parameters first (without changing any line in the config file),
– topic/post are moderated, this typically involves a member posting a topic or reply and requiring it to be approved before the other can see it.
– obviously, any competitor software must be closed (beware some are running in background) to run SLIMax Manager with  your Fanatec CSW, CSL, CSR, Porsche or others, Logitech G27/G29, VDASH-EMU, SLI-EMU, SRF1-EMU or any USB SLI Display devices successfully.

Almost ALL software issue with latest version are due to a bad installation, a misconfiguration or a misunderstanding of the FAQ. So please, read the FAQ carefully and everything will be ok.

if you do not received instructions email to get your license, check the SPAM or JUNK mailbox first to get it and obviously, feel free to drop us a line by email if you still didn’t get the notification within 24h.

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