The latest version of rFactor supported by SLIMax Manager are:

1.255F (Trymedia activation)


1.255G (ISI activation).


1.255G (Steam activation).

Plugins are already included with SLIMax Manager installer and ONLY the 1.255G (ISI) plugin is activated by default, see the version of the plugin in screenshots below and activate the corresponding version but activate ONLY ONE plugin at the same time.

**Do not activate ALL PLUGINS**


Check your version of rFactor:

Take a look to my screenshot and compare it with the size of your rFactor.exe…

Note: We do not support the DVD (boxed) version of rFactor and recommend to switch to DIGITAL version available on or Steam.

1.255f 1.255g


The SLIMax Mgr bridge is a piece of code (dll plugin) that do the bridge with SLIMax Mgr and the simulation. The bridge do not manage any hardware and as such it can NOT be in conflict with your display or steering wheel or any hardware, this is just a “proxy” for telemetry data and can be safely installed.

SLIMax Mgr installer copy a “bridge” dll into ../Program Files/rFactor/Plugins/ directory if it detects your rFactor installation.

if for some reason the SLIMax Manager Installer didn’t found your rFactor installation you have to install the bridge manually using the internal helper included with SLIMax Mgr v3.3 or greater.


Note: To work with plugins the Hardware Plugin option must be activated in rFactor.

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