SLI-EMU (SLI-PRO Emulator) and SRF1-EMU (SIM race F1 Emulator) FAQ:

Check your settings :

READ THIS FIRST: A common issue is a problem with Windows UAC / Permission so run SLIMax Manager as administrator to avoid any permission issue. see this FAQ HERE

1- SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU running on Android 2.2 or >

2- SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU must be ready and Waiting for SLIMax Manager before running the manager

3- WIFI on the phone must be enabled and ready (you should surf the net for example)

4- PC must be connected to Ethernet cable or WIFI on the SAME network as the phone

5- obviously, your license MUST be valid and inside ..\Documents\SLIMax Manager Pro\licenses\ directory.

6- On the first failure of the connection, you disabled the detection of SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU at startup see this video tutorial to enable/disable detection of Emulator at statup HERE.

7- when running SLIMax manager the first time you should setup your firewall to allow communication between PC and Phone. Delete any rules that prevent SLIMax Mgr to communicate with your phone.

8- sometime you must restart SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU to be able to connect to. Do not deactivate SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU, quit SLIMax Manager first, restart SLI-Emu and start again SLIMax Manager. if needed go to your Android Phone settings and select Applications and then Force the emulator to stop.

9- NOT RECOMMENDED: in very complex network configuration you have to enter manually the IP of your PC, create a simple text file named “ip.ecfg” save it into  ..\Documents\SLIMax Manager Pro\cfg\ directory In this file enter one line with:

IP = x.x.x.x

#replace x.x.x.x by the IP of your PC (i.e. )

10. your phone must be reachable by your PC before using SLIMax Manager and SLI-Emu or SRF1-EMU, use the command prompt (cmd.exe) to check your phone connectivity

Let say your phone IP is

– run cmd.exe
– and type:

Google is your friend, check with google how to connect your phone on your local wifi network


11. if SLIMax Manager doesn’t recognize your sliemu.key, check the EMU serial number

12. obviously, any competitor software must be closed (beware some are running in background) to run SLIMax Manager and the emulators successfully


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