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Fanatec Formula Rim buttons index to use with Buttons to keys (chars) mapping


We are going to use the new button to char mapping function (simulate a keystroke when pressing a button) included in SLIMax Manager using the wizard panel.

First download the latest version of SLIMax Manager (v2.2.0.5 or greater is required )
and follow the topic HERE to create a new custom settings for rFactor2 in our example.

1) open Advanced panel
3) set it to true
4) click APPLY button to apply your change
5) save your settings


6) now double-click the BTNCHARLIST tag to define the mapping

For our stupid example 😉 we are going to map button 3 to key ‘H’ to toggle ON/OFF headlights

7) when you double-click the BTNCHARSLIST tag a wizard panel show up and let you choose:
a) the button from 1 to 16
b) the key
c) the delay in ms
d) the modifier SHIFT or ALT or CTRL

8 ) in our example we use the key ‘H’, the default delay 200ms and no modifier
9) click OK to save your change
10) APPLY the change to the TAG and save settings file

Now pressing button 3 of your SLI-PRO device toggle ON/OFF headlights in rFactor2

Obviously, the button 3 MUST NOT be assigned in the rFactor 2 simulation to avoid any conflict.


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