What’s the main difference between application on Android that displays telemetry and an emulator?

The emulator has the same behavior as the real USB Device and emulate the FIRMWARE itself to send HID USB Reports through wifi network connection and obviously displays the information in the same way as the real device by drawing them dynamically on the screen. This is a challenge to get it working with NO LAG! because where the real device allows more than 1000 cycles of updates per second, Android allows on common smartphone less than 60 cycles/sec only…

I’m always fascinated when I read some comparisons of simple graphic apps for Android and SLI-PRO or SIM RACE F1 Emulators!  It’s like mixing apples and oranges.

EMUs literally simulate the REAL HARDWARE DEVICE behaviors…these graphic apps are nothing related to FIRMWARE EMULATION.

Using emulator let you give a try to the corresponding usb display device before buying or test some behaviors or new setups from  your testing configuration like a laptop before applying them to your sim rig… Obviously, if you dedicate a phone to the EMU on your rig it can fully replace the real hardware device.

EMUs are accurate, fast enough to be compared to real display device and cheap compared to the corresponding price of real usb device (a minimum donation of $5 US Dollar is requested to get a license FOR ALL EMULATORS, the same license is usable with all emulators).

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