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Lancia Delta HF Turbo Template
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:17:41 PM »
Template Lancia Delta HF Turbo

The new features are working better than expected! It's really awesome to see gauges instead of "digital" displays. It gives much more immersion. Also the best compromise between real life gauges and these from symprojects. Kudos to Zappadoc!

Notes: your template is compatible with VDASH-EMU Android/Windows/Linux and vdash_template/ directory is:
on Android on the storage of your phone/tablet
on Windows on C:\Users\Your-Username\ (Your-Username is your session name)
on Linux on your Home directory

- download and install the Lancia Delta HF Turbo Texture Pack (the entire folder must be in vdash_template/lancia_delta_pack/ directory)
- copy both preview image and json template inside your vdash_template/templates/ directory
- then select menu "Set Template" to choose and load it into the current page

Thank your for downloading and have fun!

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