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Download Project CARS Console Bridge (PCCB)

(updated 2017-01-13)

- download and extract the zip archive
- the plugins are ALREADY INCLUDED, run SLIMax Manager Pro and Select menu "Check For Update" and click the "Download and Install All" button to get the latest plugins, read this sticky post for more info.

- copy the the Project CARS Console Bridge (PCCB64.exe or PCCB.exe) anywhere like in your desktop for example
- run SLIMax Manager Pro and activate the plugin <-- DON'T FORGET TO ACTIVATE THE PLUGIN ;)
- launch the PCCB bridge

the first time you launch PCCB app the firewall will ask you to allow udp communication on your private lan network which is REQUIRED to communicate with your PlayStation 4 or XBOX One.

SLIMax Manager Pro should recognize the PCCB app
and then launch the pCARS game on your PS4 or XB1

if everything is done correctly you will be able to drive cars and get a feedback on your display and emulator as on your PC rig. ;)

Useful Links:
DOWNLOAD latest SLIMax Manager Pro:

Getting Started With SLIMax Manager Pro:

VDASH-EMU Getting Started:
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