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SLIMax Mgr Pro + Console Bridge + 100% FREE android F1 EMU Display
« on: September 22, 2016, 12:13:51 PM »

Here is a quick tutorial for using our F1 2016 Console Bridge with SLIMax Manager Pro and the 100% FREE SIM Race F1 EMU.


SLIMax Manager Pro:
SLIMax Manager Pro is a powerful devices manager working with more than 60 simulations or games (many usb display devices and emulators are supported including steering wheel from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec ).

0) on your PC Desktop or Laptop
1) Download SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6 (DOWNLOAD PAGE)
2) Install it and don't forget to "Check For Update" to get the latest plugins and setups, read check for update faq
3) open your lan network properties to get the IP address of the PC (check the Windows forum on the net or use google if you don't know how to get your IP)

F1 2016 Console Bridge App and Plugin:
The Console Bridge has been created to "bridge" your PS4 or XB1 games to the SLIMax Manager Pro using the lan network

0) Download F1 2016 Console Bridge (DOWNLOAD PAGE)
1) extract the archive on your desktop or laptop PC (the one who are running the SLIMax Manager Pro app)

100% FREE SIM Race F1 Emulator For Android
This is an emulator of the REAL USB Display device from SIM Display

0) DOWNLOAD The EMU FROM YOUR PHONE or TABLET (DOWNLOAD PAGE, see near the bottom page the 100% FREE SIM Race F1 EMU)
1) Install the apk

F1 2016 game on your XBOX ONE or PlayStation 4
0) the game must be already installed and the telemetry turned ON and the PC IP address entered in the Telemetry settings
(check the Codemasters forum if you don't know how to activate telemetry and set your PC desktop or laptop IP address)


0) run the the SIM Race F1 EMU on your phone or tablet (WIFI must be enable)
1) wait until you have "Waiting For SLIMax Manager" on your screen
2) put the tablet/phone in front of your TV

3) run on the PC the SLIMax Manager Pro and click YES if it asks for a SIM Race F1 EMU license
the license will be loaded automatically and is 100% FREE !
4) open the Plugins Manager from SLIMax Mgr Pro menu and check if the F12016BridgePlugin is activated, read How to activate plugin?

IMPORTANT: if your Firewall prompts you to allow communication between the EMU and the PC you MUST obviously click ALLOW

5) run on PC the F1 2016 Console Bridge

6) go to your XB1 or PS4 rig and run the F1 2016 game on the Console

Go on track and enjoy your game with the SIM Race F1 Emulator!

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