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Display Brake Bias on VDASH-EMU custom page
« on: December 21, 2016, 09:56:46 AM »
Don't start with this tutorial, you must first be familiar with VDASH-EMU features and SLIMax Manager custom setups, Also, you must read and understand the basic rules about the EVAL FIELD:




Here is a quick tip to show Brake Bias as percentage:

Almost all API provide the brake bias as a FLOAT VALUE from 0.0 (rear) to 1.0 (front), so you just have to multiply per 100 to get the percentage and obviously you read in the getting started section that the telemetry value is represented by the name DATA. The formula DATA * 100 is used to get a percentage. Example: 0.54 * 100 = 54%

1 create a DATA OTHER object

2 edit the properties of the object and select the Brake Bias data

3 enter in EVAL Field:
DATA * 100

check the string format to display the brake bias with one decimal like: %02.1f

that's it!


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