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New TrackMap object
« on: January 21, 2017, 01:50:53 PM »


Version 1.1-31 of VDASH-EMU includes a new object to create a map of a track very easily.

ATTENTION: YOU MUST HAVE the latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.1m and the latest plugins, check for update before using the trackmap object.

First, before you are going to be disappointed, I want to remind you that SLIMax Manager Pro (version 3.xxxx) has been ALWAYS focused on *current* driver car which means this is a cool tool for displaying YOUR data, improving your PB, your start in race, your apex, dump your telemetry data on disk, analyze and compare your laps, your, your, your... and NOT focused on other cars.  ;)

The track mapping in SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.x can create a map of the track and show only your car on track.

SIMULATIONS AND GAMES SUPPORTED with enough telemetry information in their API to create a TRACKMap
Assetto Corsa,
RaceRoom Racing Experience,
rFactor 2,
rFactor 1 and clones,
Reiza Automobilista, FTruck, GSC,
Project CARS,
Codemasters F1 2016, F1 2015, F1 2014, FA 2013, F1 2012, DiRT Rally, GRID2, GRID Autosport,
Live For Speed,

iRacing (lack of car coordinates),
DiRT2/DiRT3/F1 2011/2010 and GRID, (poor API)
Simbin GTL/GTR2/RACE07+mods (poor API)
AMS/EURO Truck (N/A)
X-Motor Racing and others (poor API)

ATTENTION:! each map have a "signature" including its orientation, size, etc. and you must create a map for each simulation because each game/simu have its own parameters for their tracks!

The basic is to use your car to draw a map of the track or the auto-pilot/AI driver including in some game/simulation.

The creation is in short:
- using the Create TrackMap menu
- and do 2 clean laps
and that's it! the map of the track should be created and displayed on your page

- In general it is preferable to start from the starting line,
- so be sure to start a new session
- create a quick race with only one opponent and put you in first place to be on the good side of the track,
- then enter the editor mode to select the menu Create the Trackmap
- and enter carefully the name of the map to be able to identify it later

- if everything is correctly initialized you see Track Phase: 1/2 or 0/1,
if it is not the case restart the session and as soon as you are in track delete the old object and create again a track map

- then do your 2 laps until you see the map on the page
TIP: you can use the auto-pilot to make reference map from AI driver ;)

if the map is not displayed then simply read carefully this tuto again and start from the beginning! :)

All maps are saved into the vdash_template/maps/ directory

Use the Get TrackMap to create an Trackmap object with an existing map. the trackmap object contains all the properties of common vdash-emu object to be able to:

- change color of sectors, map, car symbol
- change transparency
- rotate the map

+Show Info (title, track size)
+Show Sectors (hide/show sectors when they are available)
+Car Oversized (bigger car symbol)
+ others advanced feature (i.e. manual mode) which are not covered by this quick tuto focused on AUTO-MODE.


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