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Tuto creating a standalone Shiftlights with RPM LED objects
« on: January 23, 2017, 10:19:27 AM »

The new version 1.1-31 of VDASH-EMU contains an improved RPM Led object with new properties to be able to create a standalone shiftlights WITHOUT USING SLIMax Manager Pro Shiftlights method or other settings! ;)

Let start with a simple example, the Assetto Corsa Tatuus car with its 5 leds shiftlights, after checking rpm on track for each led we got this result:

LED 1 = 5800 RPM
LED 2 = 5900
LED 3 = 6000
LED 4 = 6100
LED 5 = 6200

So start by creating the first RPM Led

Check the RPM Range and then indicate the RPM Range start 5800 end 6300 (beyond the rev limit) by editng the properties of the RPM Object

duplicate the object and change the start to 5900 and repeat the operation for all 5 leds

so you have RPM Range checked and the following properties:
RPM 5800 to 6300, color GREEN
RPM 5900 to 6300, color GREEN
RPM 6000 to 6300, color GREEN
RPM 6100 to 6300, color RED
RPM 6200 to 6300, color RED

that's it!

Your custom shiftlights is ready for the Tatuus car!

EDIT: for power/advanced user, if you pay attention to the RPM LED object properties you have also an EVAL field to programmatically lit up the led... ;)

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