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Android ONE PAGE mode
« on: May 20, 2017, 10:45:23 AM »

Today I want to give you some info about the new feature called "ONE PAGE MODE" in the latest version of VDASH-EMU Android. This mode has been created for low-end and old Android hardware devices.

You don't need to use this feature on recent tablette/smartphone.

Android and Memory (RAM) Allocated To EMU:
Android allocates some memory to the vdash-emu but NOT ALL RAM available of your tablet or smartphone and some time (with old or low-end hardware) the memory available is not enough to charge ALL your installed templates, in this case you need to activate the ONE PAGE mode to let the vdash-emu charging ONLY THE CURRENT PAGE in memory

Obviously the page charged MUST FIT IN THE MAX ALLOCATED MEMORY.

The app will crash if the templates charged exceed the memory or if one page exceed the max memory available. In this case just delete (or rename) the vdash_template/ directory from your sdcard to start from scratch and to be able to activate the ONE PAGE mode.

Activate the ONE PAGE mode is simple, go to GENERAL settings and click the One Page Mode checkbox. you need to restart COMPLETELY the VDASH-EMU for the change to take effect (use FORCE STOP in Android settings to be sure).

After that you just have to pay attention on what kind of template you install to not exceed the max memory of your mem allocated and you will be able to install 48 templates on low end device without problem.

IMPORTANT: All templates using image with size exceeding 960 x 540 should not be used or with care. They are poorly optimized as the EMU requires only images smaller or equal to 960 x 540 (read the doc).

The max/used/free ram values are displayed on General settings dialog and the used ram by the current page is reported as well in the status bar on bottom of the screen. This help you to monitor what's going on with the ram memory on your device.

Hope this helps

Obvious, But Worth Mentioning:
Be sure all your INSTALLED TEMPLATES fit the max RAM memory when you deactivate the "ONE PAGE" mode ;)

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