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« on: June 06, 2017, 12:15:46 PM »
Please start with the COMPASS tutorial before doing this one. available here

This is a quick tutorial to use the new SUPER ARROW IMAGE GAUGE object introduced in VDASH-EMU v1.1-32b.

REMINDER: you need the SLIMax Manager Pro version or greater to use the VDASH-EMU 1.1-32b and make this tutorial.

How to do a feedback of the steer axe value with a steering wheel?

- prepare the "arrow" image which is a steering wheel here in our example with photoshop, DO NOT EXCEED 540 x 540 pixels and for steer feedback I recommend a small image of 280 x 280 max

- put this image into the vdash_template/pictures/ directory

Obviously for this tutorial download and extract the zip archive in attachment and place the ready to use image of Fanatec BMW steering wheel into the vdash_template/pictures/ directory ;)

- now open the vdash-emu and select the Super Arrow Image Gauge menu

- choose the fanatec bmw png in pictures folder

- resize it if needed, create a DATA OTHER object of type "Steer" to get a feedback of the steer axe value and open the properties of the object

- check if
start position= 0
Step is at 1.0
Select field = Steer
Max Value Field = NOT USED
Force Max Value = 1.0

- now launch simulation or game which send the steer axe value like rFactor 2 or  Project CARS or Assetto Corsa or ...  and turn your wheel :)

- if the wheel feedback is reversed check "Counterclockwise" in the object properties

- and you can adjust the slider STEP to increase or decrease the amplitude of the steering wheel rotation

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