d- Advanced Setup Options

Advanced Setup Options

With this panel you can edit any setup of any device or emulator (EMU) even if it is not currently connected to your rig. You have access to all functions and you can edit all values of all provided setups or create your own custom setup up to 300 setups per device or EMU.

It is STRONGLY recommended to play with the basic DEFAULT setup options first and go to advanced options as soon as you feel comfortable with the basic features of the SLIMax Manager Pro.

There is 3 way to access the Advanced Setup Options panel:
– select the corresponding menu
– select the Edit … Settings… in select Device Setups menu
– and from the Basic Setup Options panel





The SETUP HELP is available in ENGLISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN (see the GENERAL Options to choose your language).



The Setups popup menu contains all setup files.

Choose a setup to edit it. the EXPORT button creates a copy of the current edited setup. It is recommended to EXPORT the default settings to create your custom setup.