Getting Started With EKSIMRacing V2R Controller

Getting Started With EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real Controller

A new powerful feature called “Virtual To Real” (V2R) is available since version of SLIMax Mgr Pro. This let you use the virtual Button-Box integrated with VDASH-EMU like a REAL (physical) button-box. This page contains all information to get started with V2R technology.


EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (V2R) in action with RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E)

Assign the controls a a real button-box!

EKSIMRacing V2R USB Controller:


A special firmware for the popular Teensy-LC USB Controller device has been created for using the V2R with SLIMax Manager Pro.

You need to purchase the Teensy-LC board which is available at PJRC Store ( ) and in a lot of other hardware suppliers for around $12

The EKSIMRacing V2R Firmware is 100% FREE!  and uploaded to your Teensy-LC directly by the SLIMax Manager Pro.

EKSIMRacing Firmware Installation

Install the EKSIMRacing V2R firmware is really straightforward. Follow these instructions CAREFULLY:

1- Run SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.3 or greater


2- Choose from the main menu “Upload Teensy LC VirtualToReal Firmware“, a dialog is now open.


3- Plug the Teensy-LC device onto the usb port of your PC,

wait until it is recognized by Windows


4- Press one time the Bootloader Button on the Teensy-LC

wait until the bootloader mode is installed and recognized by Windows


5- Click OK and Wait until it’s finished



6- A dialog ask you to Restart SLIMax Mgr Pro for the change to take effect, So restart it


That’s it!

Congrats! The EKSIMRacing V2R USB Controller device is detected and now ready.


VDASH-EMU ButtonBox and V2R:

The integrated button-box of VDASH-EMU is now like the famous DSD or any other physical button-box, to assign a button or an encoder, just go to the game or simulation controls settings and click the targeted button (check the video below for an example).



REMINDER: the EKSIMRacing V2R USB Controller is like a physical button-box so before assigning the buttons in the game or simulation controls settings you must choose an usb port on the PC and DO NOT CHANGE IT !!! as for all the usb devices of your sim-rig. This seems obvious but it deserves to be mentioned.

Attention a bug in touchscreen management of Windows tablet prevents to use the push-button correctly, The “tap” gesture on push-button is not detected. A workaround is with your finger to double-tap the push-button or slide a little on it in any direction (go to the support forum and tell us if you found another solution) or obviously to use a mouse. In the meantime, we suggest using an Android tablet