b- Main Menu

  1. Show short information on what’s going on
  2. Toggle (Open/Close) SLIMax Manager main window
  3. Keep the main windows minimized (to access the menu use the systray)
  4. Sub-menu to access to all car setups of recognized devices, usb devices and emulators (see Devices And Setups menu for more info)
  5. Access to the Basic Options for current devices and emulators in use (see Basic Options window for more info)
  6. Access to the Advanced Options which define the option of all devices (connected or not)  (see Advanced Options window for more info)
  7. Access to the General Options which define the global options for SLIMax Manager Pro, Proxies, etc. (see General Options window for more info)
  8. Sub-menu to enable/disable detection of EMU (no longer used)
  9. Sub-menu to access to simulations and games plugins options and activate plugins (see Plugins menu and Plugins Manager for more info)
  10. Sub-menu to access to the current scripts installed and to open the Debug Console window (see Scripts menu for more info)
  11. Sub-menu to get the list of all skin installed and select a user interface for SLIMax Manager Pro (skin)
  12. Sub-mebu to activate lap telemetry dump and analyze and compare laps with integrated telemetry data analyzer (Rookie Ed.)
  13. Install Package menu let you install a special package file with extension .pkg which contains updated files or new car setups or new plugins or scripts, etc.
  14. Test All Devices menu, to test quickly all current devices connected and recognized by SLIMax Manager Pro.
  15. Edit/Create/Modify cars database to set the wheel angle or D.O.R (max Degree Of Rotation) of each car of each simulation or game
  16. Online help sub-menu to access website, support, getting started video, FAQ, plugins updates, etc. (see Online Help menu for more info)
  17. Access the Registration Information window to get the serial number of your device and register your device  (see Registration Info window for more info)
  18. Access to the donation page and contribute to the EKSIMRacing projects.
  19. Check if your SLIMax Manager Pro is up to date. IMPORTANT, check for update to keep your installation up to date
  20. Exit application
  21. Update setups list menu when you add manually a setup in /cfg/ directory
  22. Toggle ON/OFF the input device information (state of buttons, switches, encoders, axes) on Debug Console window
  23. Devices and emulators sub-menu with their corresponding car setups (up to 300 setups per menu)