b- System Requirements

*Android System Requirements:
Smartphone/Tablet with at least Android 2.3.3 connected to the wifi local network with your PC running SLIMax Manager Pro version or greater (a tablet 16:9 is recommended for VDASH-EMU and up to 4 EMU can be installedĀ  and running simultaneously on your local (LAN) network)

*Windows System Requirements:
Windows OS up to dateĀ  7/8/8.1/10 (recommended to run as Administrator on Windows 8/8.1/10) running latest SLIMax Manager Pro version or greater (VDASH-EMU can be installedĀ  and running on up to 4 PC connected to the LAN local network) and video driver compatible OpenGL 2.0 or greater.



Powered by SLIMax Manager Pro
ATTENTION: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro to use the EMU,

Emulator license cost
: $5 (see the Pricing page for more info)

Games and simulations:
All emulators are powered by SLIMax Manager Pro which support more than 60 simulations / games.