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ようこそ、130R YOKOHAMA オフィシャルサイトへ。 ここ130R YOKOHAMAは、レーシング・シミュレータ(以下SIM)を2台常設した、本格的レーシング・シミュレーション施設です。 MAX☆ORIDO選手によるSIMスクール(少人数、プライベート等) 将来レーシングドライバーを目指す人、現在レースで活躍している人、サーキット走行会のプログラムとして、サーキットを走ってみたい人、気の合う仲間でレースを楽しみたい、イベントとして使用したいなど、多くの楽しみ方をご提案いたします。 プロのレーシングドライバーから、サーキットを走行した事の無い人まで。全ての人が、笑顔で満足していただける極上の時間と空間をご提供いたします。 130R YOKOHAMA : MAX☆ORIDO

Evotek Engineering
Evotek Engineering
We are an Italian company of elctro mechanical design. We collaborate with automotive industries like Ferrari, Pagani... and so on. We convert Smart cars into electric cars and We also realize a Formula1 (evotek SYM 026) driving simulator. Set up in June 2010 as a project designed for professional use, Evotek SYM 026 uses high quality components and an innovative handling system that enables exceptional precision and high reactivity, making for an extremely realistic drive. The technology in the Evotek SYM 026 simulator is designed entirely by Evotek Engineering srl, and produced and distributed by Riker srl. It is based on a hardware platform ideal for both professional use in the racing sector and the more demanding virtual car racers. It is a tool that enables drivers to refine their driving experience and behavior behind the wheel, their awareness of the vehicle, and above all to have a whole lot of fun.

Sim Racing Equipment For Real Race Training
FREX Simulations
FREX established in 1987 as a company who handle Import and Export Automotive parts and general products in Japan. We had started to produce and selling a sim related products since 2000 as started with Pressure sensitive brake pedal modified kit which was not exist in the market. Then original Shifters, Steering modify kit, Motion seat Kit and a lot of products we designed, produced and selling to all over the world. A lot of Racing drivers, Racing teams and fans use our products for their real race training.

Exact reproduction of a real F1 Steering Wheel
It is an exact reproduction of a real F1 Steering Wheel with the addition of an enhanced and customized version of the Logitech G27, thus making the driving experience even more realistic and enthralling. Manufactured in aluminium and hand assembled with Motorsport components, it can be interfaced with the most important PC games (Click to see their website)

Racing Unleashed
More than 20 years of experience from the world of Formula 1 are in our simulators. Dive with all your senses into a virtual racing atmosphere of extraordinary reality. Experience the thrill, the concentration, the excitement of the real racing world in the comfort of an exclusive lounge.

Professional Sim-Racing Simulators
Virtual Racing Sweden AB
V-Racing manufactures and sells high quality racing simulators and racing controls. Featuring the VR-F1 Wheel, a top-of-the-line F1 steering wheel for hard-core sim racers, made of high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy. The aluminum is cut from a CNC machine and black anodized to give you a real racing finish. The VR-F1 works seamlessly with the ECCI FF7000 via the SnapOff quick release system. Click to get more info.

Codemasters Games Website
Codemasters is an award winning games developer and publisher with a 25-year heritage. Our popular game brands include DiRT, GRID, Cricket and Operation Flashpoint. The company also retains the exclusive worldwide video game rights to FORMULA ONE.

Advanced German Gameware
Fanatec® products are developed in Germany, produced in Asia and are sold globally in our Fanatec® online web shop. We develop controllers, racing wheels, pedals, cockpits and connecting accessories for the most important playing consoles and PCs around today. Our self-imposed goal is to develop the best input devices for and in all product segments. Our focus is geared toward the quality and the design of the products such that each Fanatec® product is made subject to multi-leveled processes of quality assurance, in order to be able to deliver gaming performance at its highest level. Innovation coupled with an extreme quality standard inevitably leads to better gaming performance and an increase in realism.

iRacing Simulation Website
iRacing Simulation
Official site of, the premier online racing game. From pros to PC gamers sim racing with the best; cars, race tracks, NASCAR, IRL, F1!

rFactor 2 website
ISI - rFactor - rFactor 2
Founded in 1992 and located in downtown Ann Arbor, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) is a well respected software developer, specializing in the fields of computer game development, "man-in-the-loop" simulator architectures, computer image generation, and entertainment systems integration. Working with a highly-skilled worldwide team, ISI products have earned multiple awards from specialty press and internet publications. Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have now a strategic partnership with the Dutch software group Luminis Studio 397 to accelerate rFactor 2’s development.

Leo website
Leo Bodnar
Leo Bodnar Electronics are designers and developers of various electronic products ranging from versatile USB controllers to racing simulator force feedback steering systems. Based in Silverstone - the home of British Motorsport - we work closely with motorsport community in the area.

Live For Speed Website
Live For Speed
Live for Speed is a small development team dedicated to making the best online racing simulation. Our current release is S2 with which we attempt to recreate the thrill and fun of real racing, by simulating all aspects important to racing. Varying racing environments and cars which can be setup by an abundance of options - all on your home pc.

Project Immersion website
Project Immersion
MrPix website dedicated to sim racing and his great SUPERFOV project that increase the immersion and gaming experience, visit his website for more info.

RaceRoom Racing Experience, GTR, GTLegends, GTR2, Race07, GTR Evolution...Website
Sector 3 Studios
Sector3 takes over SimBin Studios AB in 2014 - With nearly 10 years of game development experience, an award winning game portfolio, and strong partners active in the real life motorsports industry, SimBin Studios is strengthening its position as the leading game developer for realistic racing experiences. Sector3 Studios AB is a Swedish game developer dedicated to the creation of realistic championship experiences for motorsport series worldwide, including; DTM, ADAC GT Masters, and the WTCC.

Sector 3 Studios website
Sector 3 Studios
Sector3 Studios is a Swedish PC game developer, expert in creating realistic racing experiences for high profile motorsport series like DTM and ADAC GT Masters. Sector3 is responsible for the development of RaceRoom Racing Experience. We’ll bring you the world of motorsport, all you have to do is drive.

Sim racing hardware and display products
SIM Display
Our goal is to offer you the best products and support for your virtual racing projects. Click to get All Info related to the SIM RACE Deluxe Shiftlights and other USB device.

Sim Racing Machines Website
Sim Racing Machines
Based in the UK we design and manufacture most of what we sell. We have CNC machines for cutting materials. As a small business keeping up with demand is always a challenge, but we try to keep stock wherever possible. An area of the business that is very popular is the conversion of Fanatec wheel rims to work via USB and therefore be used with new wheel base technology like Direct Drive. We are sim racers ourselves and therefore have a very good idea of what you expect from your purchases. We will always try and do our best.

Your favorite supplier for your OSW Project...
Your favorite supplier for your OSW Project...

Thrustmaster Website
Founded in 1992 and purchased by Guillemot Corporation in 1999, Thrustmaster has been proud to bring all of its know-how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market. For nearly twenty years, Thrustmaster has developed solutions to satisfy and entertain every type of gamer, by creating products for highly precise gaming experiences – such as racing wheels and joysticks – along with fun accessories for gaming console, as well as targeting essential needs such as storage and charging.To increase the levels of realism and immersion to legendary gaming worlds, Thrustmaster has always put an emphasis developing products and accessories which benefit from prestigious  licenses  Reflecting its core values of "Passion, Innovation and Quality," Thrustmaster’s goal is to allow users to enjoy a genuinely exceptional experience with its products, and make their gaming dreams a reality.

Italian sim-racing community, Live YouTube events
Virtual Racing Group
Virtual Racing Group (conosciuta anche come VRG) è un’associazione ludico-sportiva italiana, apolitica e senza scopo di lucro che ha come finalità principale quella di organizzare e gestire campionati Sim Racing online in multiplayer.

Zappadoc - Software Engineering
Zappadoc - Software Engineering Custom Development Services Contact Form. C++, Java/Android, URBI, Robotic Project, Motion Platform/Racing and Flight Simulator, website creation/design/hosting, etc. Please complete the form. I will respond to your request within three business days.