MotionMax Manager (Ultimate 2/3/4/5/6DOF Simulator Manager)

MotionMax Manager
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MotionMax Manager project has been started in 2015 and includes the full support of 6 DOF motion simulator platform (and its 2/3/4/5DOF declination), From PRO to casual with a full 1:1 level motion driving simulator to a simple cockpit or VR rig our 6DOF (or 5DOF version) of MotionMax Manager is easy and powerful and supports a maximum of games and simulations.

MotionMax Manager is definitively a PRO Racing driving simulator software even if it can be use for flying-sim. The internal vehicle physics interpreter (V.P.I.) provides an ultra-realistic motion result in all car categories (Formula 1 and other open wheel categories/Endurance/Proto/GT/Rally/Kart).

It contains an unique and exclusive “Yaw Dynamics” feature to accurately control the amount of the traction loss without the need of additional actuator in . With the capability to generate up to 1000 positions per second, it is only limited by the specs of the actuators in terms of accelerations, speed and load.

Over the past decade, manufacturers of motion simulators have been focused on the FORCES and on force delivery. The forces involved in driving a car are important but NOT essential for PRO racing training. Almost all simulator of this kind today act like a pinball machine … and almost all PRO race car drivers ask to stop the motion simulator when they give this a try… this is perfectly normal, all the movements are over-reactive and exaggerated, they feel the forces but not the car and the road surface.

The force factor must be balanced with ultra-realistic movements to give the internal auditory system enough information to properly sense the car’s chassis and the road surface. This balance is the key feature to the internal V.P.I. system of MotionMax Manager (Vehicle Physics Interpreter) and even if we also provide a 5DOF management software this is ONLY possible on a real 6DOF motion platform, The Yaw Dynamic System completes the V.P.I to manage the traction control without additional DOF machinery (another unique feature of MotionMax Manager 6DOF). All other machines will NEVER give you a complete information from the car racing simulation. If you still want a more conventional simulator for your non PRO configuration and DIY projects you may consider the MotionMax 2/3/4/5 manager.

PRO drivers love our motion system, the feeling is natural, the motion signal pure and clear and the feedback is complete and accurate. They do not need more than a lap to feel at home and have a perfect control!


How To Get MotionMax?

MotionMax it is not yet available for purchase to the general public. It is included with simulators manufactured by private motorsports companies, OEM hardware motion simulator companies and actuator manufacturers who are in partnership with us.

Simulation And Game Studios:
Contact us for adding the support of your game/simulation to MotionMax Manager.

Electric Linear Actuators And Motion Platform Manufacturers:
Contact us if you’re  a manufacturer and want us to add the support of your electric linear actuator to MotionMax Manager

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MotionMax 6DOF

MotionMax 6 Manager 6DOF FREX Edition (MMX6)
(First Release v1.0 – 2018-06-20)

MotionMax 6 Manager 6DOF FREX Edition includes the FREX Actuator driver which is optimized to get the best of FREX Actuator. Also, default profiles (DOF settings) are included for your convenience to get started quickly with your favorite simulation. With a full control of your 6DOF simulator machine, you can fine tune the motion result to suit your needs. Obviously, you can create, modify and share your custom profiles very easily.

The MotionMax Manager FREX Edition License  is included with All FREX 6DOF Simulator and exclusively available from FREX. Visit FREX Japan for more info.

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MotionMax 2/3/4/5 DOF

MotionMax 5 Manager (from 2 to 5 DOF)
Simulator Software Management
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(MMX5 BETA Launched – 2019-03-20)



MotionMax 5 Manager, a more conventional 2 to 5 DOF simulator management with 3 distinctive layers, the CORE layer, the SURGE layer and the Traction Loss (TL) layer. We recommend MMX 6DOF for PRO car racing training consider a solution based on FREX 6DOF simulator for example, however for your DIY projects the modular MotionMax which start from 2DOF and can evolve to 5 DOF could be a solution.



MMX5 takes the benefit of  the V.P.I. system (Vehicle Physics Interpreter) and yaw dynamics (TL) motion code of MotionMax 6. An ultra accuracy and efficiency motion result in all car categories (F1 and other open wheel categories/Endurance/Proto/GT/Rally/Kart) with more than 60 games/simulations supported. With the capability to generate up to 1000 positions per second, it is only limited by the specs of the actuators in terms of accelerations, speed and load.

The CORE layer is a 3DOF system with 4 actuators including Pitch, Roll and Heave management (a 2DOF platform based on a pivot is also possible).

The optional SURGE layer on top of the CORE give you huge acceleration and braking by sliding backward/forward on top of the CORE platform using one or two actuator.

The TL Layer is a solid base under the CORE layer with a pivot on the front and an arched rail allowing the whole structure to be moved by an actuator.

5DOF Testing Platform in use during the development of MMX5:

MMX 2DOF Concept + SURGE Layer (for huge braking/accelerations)

Colors Code:

As for MotionMax 6DOF a colors code are used to make life easier for users. The configuration are 4 Actuators or 4 Actuators +TL or 4 Actuators +Surge (Braking/accel.) or 4 Actuators+TL+SURGE.

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:
Windows OS 64bit up to date 7/8/8.1/10 (recommended to run as Administrator on Windows 8/8.1/10)

Min. Hardware Requirements:
A gaming PC capable of running a simulation or game at 60 FPS or higher (screen resolution minimum 1600×900)
(with 2 USB 2.0 available or better with a HUB USB 2.0 with external Power Adapter)

Cockpit Requirements:
Base frame is a rectangle (aluminum profile 40×80 for example)
Ideal dimensions  for placing actuators in each angle are 1000x500mm
minimum 800x400mm and maximum is 1200x600mm are allowed

Actuator Requirements:

Stroke: 100 mm
Speed: 150 mm/s (recommended 200 mm/s or more),
Load Static Max: 1470 N / 150 Kg (recommended 1960 N / 200 Kg or more)
Load Dynamic: 980 N / 100 Kg (recommended 1470 N / 150 Kg or more),

The MotionMax 2 or MotionMax 5 are now available to manufacturers of simulators or/and actuators, contact us if you’re interested and want us to add the support of your motion platform 2/3/4/5DOF to MotionMax.

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MotionMax Automation

MotionMax Automation
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Wireless control of your motion platform from your Android phone.

Motion Controls (Main Features)
Recording Live Telemetry & Saving Data
Play/Pause Live Telemetry
Stop Sending Data To Machine
Repeat (Loop) Recorded Telemetry Sequence
Load & Run Previously Recorded Telemetry
Set Data Rate from 62/pps to 1/pps (Positions Per Second)
Visual Feedback Of Orientation & Acceleration

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Games List

The plugins information page is a good source to know if your game or simulation is supported or not, check this HERE

Almost All Plugins are usually included in the installer of SLIMax Manager Pro, SLIMax Fanatec Edition and MotionMax Manager. Check for update to get the latest version of plugins and keep your install up to date.

Here is the list of plugins available at this date (2019-05, check the plugins page for more info):

Official (2019-05-20):

Read the FAQ: configure your game or simulation

rFactor Dev Mod,
rFactor Steam,
rFactor 2,
rFactor 2 DX11,
rFactor 2 Dev Mod,
iRacing DX11,
Assetto Corsa Competizione,
Assetto Corsa,
Assetto Corsa XB1/PS4 Console Bridge,
RaceRoom Racing Experience (Sector 3),
KartKraft (Black Delta),
PiBoSo Kart Racing Pro,
PiBoSo MX Bikes,
PiBoSo GP Bikes,
PiBoSo World Racing Series,
Project CARS 2,
Project CARS 2 XB1/PS4 Console Bridge,
Project CARS,
Project CARS XB1/PS4 Console Bridge,
All CodeMasters games
Codemasters F1 2019,
Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0,
Codemasters F1 2018,
Codemasters F1 2017,
Codemasters F1 2017 XB1/PS4 Console Bridge,
Codemasters DiRT 4,
Codemasters DiRT Rally,
Codemasters F1 2016,
Codemasters F1 2016 XB1/PS4 Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2015,
Codemasters F1 2014,
Codemasters F1 2013,
Codemasters F1 2012,
Codemasters F1 2011,
Codemasters F1 2010,
Codemasters GRID Autosport,
Codemasters GRID2,
Codemasters DiRT3,
Codemasters DiRT2,
Codemasters GRID,
Formula Truck (all versions),
Game Stock Car,
All rFactor Clones
ARCA Sim Racing,
Superleague Formula
Simbin GTR2,
Simbin Steam GTR2,
Simbin Steam Race07 + all packs,
Simbin GTR EVO,
Simbin RaceON,
Simbin RaceInjection,
Simbin STCC I / II,
Simbin WTCC,
Simbin Injection,
Simbin GT Power,
Simbin Retro Expansion,
Simbin DTM Experience,
Papyrus NASCAR 2003, (outdated)
Live For Speed,
netKar PRO,(outdated)
Simbin GTR
Grand Prix Legends,
GT Legends,
Richard Burns Rally,
X Motor Racing,
Euro Truck Simulation 2,
American Truck Simulator (64Bit)

(rFactor Pro, XPlane, DCS World and FSX plugin are available on demand, not free).