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MotionMax Manager
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MotionMax Manager (MMX) project has been started in 2015 and includes the full support of 6 DOF Motion Platform, From PRO to casual with a full 1:1 level motion driving simulator to a simple cockpit or VR rig our 6DOF MotionMax Manager is easy and powerful and supports a maximum of games and simulations.

MotionMax Manager is definitively a PRO Racing 6DOF driving simulator software even if it can be use for flying-sim. The internal vehicle physics interpreter (V.P.I.) provides an ultra-realistic motion result in all car categories (F1/Endurance/GT/Rally/Drift/Kart).
It contains an unique and exclusive “Yaw Dynamics” feature to accurately control the amount of the traction loss without the need of additional actuator. With the capability to generate up to 1000 positions per second, it is only limited by the specs of the actuators in terms of accelerations, speed and load.

Over the past decade, manufacturers of motion simulators have been focused on the FORCES and on force delivery. The forces involved in driving a car are important but NOT essential for PRO racing training. Almost all simulator of this kind today act like a pinball machine … and almost all PRO race car drivers ask to stop the motion simulator when they give this a try… this is perfectly normal, all the movements are overreractive and exaggerated, they feel the forces but not the car and the road surface.

The force factor must be balanced with ultra-realistic movements to give the internal auditory system enough information to properly sense the car’s chassis and the road surface. This balance is the key feature to the internal V.P.I. system of MotionMax Manager (Vehicle Physics Interpreter) and this is ONLY possible on a real 6DOF motion platform, The Yaw Dynamic System completes the V.P.I to manage the traction control without additional DOF machinery (another unique feature of MotionMax Manager). All other machines will NEVER give you a complete information from the car racing simulation.
PRO drivers love our motion system, the feeling is natural, the motion signal pure and clear and the feedback is complete and accurate. They do not need more than a lap to feel at home and have a perfect control!



MotionMax Manager FREX Edition includes the FREX Actuator driver which is optimized to get the best of FREX Actuator. Also, default profiles (DOF settings) are included for your convenience to get started quickly with your favorite simulation. With a full control of your 6DOF simulator machine, you can fine tune the motion result to suit your needs. Obviously, you can create, modify and share your custom profiles very easily.

The MotionMax Manager FREX Edition License  is included with All FREX 6DOF Simulator and exclusively available from FREX. Visit FREX Japan for more info.

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MotionMax Manager FREX Edition
(First Release v1.0 – 2018-06-20)

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