Project CARS Console Bridge (use USB displays and EMU with your PS4 and XB1)


Project CARS Console Bridge  (PCCB) is now ready to be tested,
it allows anyone with a Sony Playstation 4 or XBOX ONE and Project CARS to use usb displays or Emulators supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with your Game Console.

The PCCB requirements:
– PS4 or XB1
– Project CARS for PS4/XB1 with UDP preference set to 2
– SLIMax Manager Pro installed on PC (it could be any desktop PC or laptop) with a valid license for an usb device display or any EMU (VDASH-EMU for Android can be perfect as you can put the tablet in front of you ;) )
– PC and PS4 or XB1 must be connected to your LAN network to receive the stream from the game

The latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6 contains the Project CARS Bridge Plugins already so you just have to launch SLIMax Mgr Pro and then the PCCB application on PC and enjoy the game on console!

System Requirements:
Any PC (desktop or laptop) with Windows 7/8/10 running SLIMax Manager Pro
A VALID LICENSE   for your USB Display Device or VDASH-EMU Emulator running onto Android, Windows or Linux
PlayStation 4 (with latest patch) or XBOX ONE
Project CARS game on PS4 or XB1 (fully updated)
PS4 or XB1, Tablet and PC are connected to your LAN network (Wifi or Ethernet cable)

Click the image below to DOWNLOAD and get more info