Getting started with SLIMax Manager (video tutorials)

video tutorials

Getting Started With SLIMax Manager (Support Level 1)

Follow instructions in this wizard to get started with SLIMax Manager, your display device or your Android Emulator and your favorite game or simulation.

Check the links below to watch video tutorials. You will find how to install SLIMax Manager, register, install your license, select a simulation or game setup, download and instal plugins package, Select function for left and right panel, assign led to function, assign control to function, etc.

The best way to keep your installation of SLIMax Manager up to date is to select the menu “Check For Update…” from within the manager and click the “Download And Install All” button.


Getting Started With SLIMax Manager (video tutorials)



OPTIONAL TUTORIALS (SLIMax Manager version 3.4):


OPTIONAL TUTORIALS (SLIMax Manager version 3.3):