Getting started with SLIMax Manager (video tutorials)

get_licenseHow to get your license with SLIMax Mgr or greater?

Since version of SLIMax Manager, the program will attempts to get the license online the first time you run it.

You received a Registration Notification which confirm that “Your License Is Waiting For You” or you own a SIM Display device (SIM RACE F1, SIM RACE Deluxe and SIM RACE Pro ) which includes a license, watch the video below to get your license automatically and enjoy the software.

ATTENTION: if you do NOT have a license yet or you do NOT own a SIM Display usb device, you need first to register and make your donation to get your license see this FAQ for more info on how to register and receive the Registration Notification.

– Make sure you are connected to the internet

– Plug the device to your computer and make sure it is recognized by Windows

DOWNLOAD and install SLIMax Manager v3.4.0.8 or greater

– Run SLIMax Manager

VIDEO: Your License Is Waiting For You (license is online):


The first time you run SLIMax Manager, it will attempt to get your device license from EKSIMRacing server (Internet connection is required).


Click YES to download and install your license automatically (click NO if you didn’t register your device yet and follow this video tutorial).

Please read the documentation on EKSIMRacing website, search the FAQs and check video tutorials to get started with SLIMax Manager. You can also upgrade your account to get access to the support forum and exclusive content.

Software Support



The ‘Online Validation‘ (OUTDATED) is still available but no longer needed, as soon as you received your notification you will be able to follow the instructions above to get your license online when SLIMax Manager startup.


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