EKSIMRacing V2R Game Controller LED Feature (Proof Of Concept)

EKSIMRacing V2R Game Controller LED Feature (Proof Of Concept)

Proof of concept of Virtual-To-Real (V2R) technology invented by Zappadoc in 2016, released to general public in 2017. Powered by SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASh-EMU racing dash with the powerful V2R USB Controller


More info on V2R Technology is available here:

DIY: Custom low cost F1 display 4.3″ LCD, The genesis of a new modern F1 display:

Simracing innovations have been coming from EKSIMRacing for over a decade and with the new easy-to-use and powerful MotionMax motion software, it’s not going to end, visit EKSIMRacing foundation for more info:

[Racing Dash] VDASH-EMU – Tyres, Time And Temp Monitor Template v4

DOWNLOAD Tyres, Time And Temp Monitor Template v4

New template available today for your large tablet or monitor which includes all new features of the VDASH-EMU 1.1-37, PLEASE UPDATE your VDASH-EMU (and SLIMax Mgr Pro) BEFORE loading this template.

It is mainly focused on tires and temp states on left side and lap, sectors, gap with leader, front or behind car and real delta time on right side. A feedback have been added for pit limiter, low fuel, engine warning, DRS and DRS Zone (legal), PustToPass (P2P), Yellow and Blue flags, Traction Control (with TC level), ABS (with ABS level) and STARTING Lights.

The v4 have only one image dependency (install the Circular Textures Pack before using this template (see the download link above for more info ).


VDash-EMU (Racing Dash) Windows Edition, Drag&Drop Features: