[MMX 2DOF & 3DOF] New Automobilista 2 Game Profile For Group C Cars SPA Combo

New MotionMax Manager 2DOF & 3DOF Game Profile Available Today!
For Automobilista 2 with Group C Cars / SPA Francorchamps Combo

New Automobilista 2 profile for MotionMax Manager 2DOF+ZTLS (3DOF) simulator is available today tested with the GROUP C cars (Porsche 962C & Sauber-Mercedes C9 ) on SPA Francorchamps track. A very good base for making your own custom group c game profiles, a correct setup for your FFB and your D.O.R. (Wheel Angle) is needed to get efficient behavior of traction loss.

As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software. Make sure to select check for update menu in MotionMax Manager on regular basis to stay up to date.

Registration is open, MotionMax 2DOF/3DOF is compatible with all simulator 2DOF with or without traction loss option Click this link If you’re interested by MotionMax Manager software for your motion simulator.