[MMX 2DOF] Major Update Of MotionMax Manager 2DOF Today!

UPDATED 2021-01-18: Hotfix – double surge homing fixed.

Major Update Today of MotionMax 2DOF!

*auxiliary SCN for SURGE is now implemented*

which means:

DOUBLE SURGE Management is available:

2 x SCN can be used for Braking/Acceleration (and all longitudinal forces),
both SCNs work together, they are sync’ed,
this increase greatly the SURGE effect and allow more load on the cockpit

MotionMax 2DOF software license is available ($95 USD) from FREX Japan or EKSIMRaciing foundation,
the dedicated Traction Loss and SURGE management are included to MotionMax Manager 2DOF license at no additional cost.
Conctact us if your are interested.

As usual select menu “Check For Update” followed by “Download And Install All” to get the latest software

Make sure to select check for update on regular basis to always be up to date.