[MMX] COM Port Latency Timer Settings Reset After Windows 10 Updates


Attention, COM Port Latency Timer are reset to default (16 ms) after Windows 10 updates, be sure to check and fix all COM Ports latency timer to 1 ms before using MotionMax Manager 6DOF and 2DOF after a cumulative or regular Windows 10 update.

Simple Rule To Diagnose Your Motion Simulator Configuration:

MotionMax is the most faster simulator software using SCN6 and SCN5 actuators to diagnose your config go on track and keep an eye on PPS (Positions Per second) showing up on MMXDOFService window (bottom left).

MotionMax Manager 6DOF must have an average of 100 pps (peak at 110pps)

MotionMax Manager 2DOF must have an average of 130 pps (peak at 167pps)

Check your configuration if you don’t get these values (COM Port latency timer, gap fps to give cpu to bkground apps, video setup to high, CPU/GPU occupation to high, windows updates needed, firewall/antivirus slowdown your PC,…).