[MMX6DOF] New RaceRoom (R3E) Game Profile Good for GT3 and GTE

This is not me here but random image took at Jean-Pierre Beltoise circuit, I regularly spin with this Porsche GT3 RS on this track, this always give me a good reference for making my software, you should do it often to compare with your sim-rig and setups.


Big thanks to all users following me (and EKSIMRacing projects ) for over a decade.
also, here are sweet updates of SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax 6DOF as a Christmas gifts (see below).

Thanks again for your continuous support and if you’re willing to help EKSIMRacing projects read this topic,

Have fun!


MotionMax Manager Update (RaceRoom Game Profile Added):

New RaceRoom (R3E) game profile
for MotionMax Manager 6DOF is available today good for several GT3 and GTE combos (car/track) and tested with

Porsche RSR GTE, Porsche 911R GT3 and Mclaren MP4 12-C GT3 at Nordschleife.

A very good base for making your own custom game profiles for your 6DOF simulator. Be sure to correctly setup your FFB and your D.O.R. (Wheel Angle).

As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.


SLIMax Manager Pro Plugins Update:

New Raceroom plugins for SLIMax Manager Pro is available today (conformity with latest R3E API ).

As usual select “Check For Update” to get the latest software.