Your license is no longer recognized after a reset or a major update of your Android System OS. Unfortunately, due to the design of this OS, this is normal.

We are sorry by this inconvenience. However, we will never ask you to reset or update your Android System and we recommend to dedicate your Android Phone/Tablet to your EMUlators.

A std OTA update from google usually not alter your Android EMU installation (it depends), We do not recommend to accept OTA our EMU works perfectly with Android v2.2.3 or greater.

NO, the update of VDASH-EMU does not change anything in your license and it remains valid. Installing the updates of VDASH-EMU over it is the correct process for updating your EMU and you will never loose your license by updating it with a new version.

Yes, the Android system update or phone / tablet change requires a new license called “Additional”

Yes, every additional PC / LAPTOP running  VDASH-EMU for Windows needs a VALID license called “Additional” to work at FULL SPEED with simulations or games

YES, you have LAG if you do not have a VALID licenses installed for all phone / tablet / PC using the VDASH-EMU on your LAN (you can use up to 4 VDASH-EMU simultaneously).

So do not reset your device! you don’t need to do that to run the EMU and before making a “bug/registration report” please, check if the serial number you registered matches the one you currently have… and if NOT get an “additional” license!

Get an Additional License

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