This is the most common and the most annoying issue of Windows 8/8.1 and in some part Win 10

Permission issue, OSP 150 displayed, I can’t save config files, settings are not persistent or not saved, access denied to SLIMax Mgr directories, why?

Even though I am an administrator I am unable to access everything on my computer. please explain step-by-step for windows 8 what I need to do in order to get full access?

Basically you DON’T have the ownership of your hard drive where SLIMax Mgr Pro is installed, Read this FAQ from Microsoft:

Also, Windows Firewall, Antivirus or Windows User Account Control (UAC ) doesn’t allow SLIMax Manager to write into its directory or simply doesn’t allow the app to communicate with emulators or game or simulation

Check your Windows Firewall rules related to SLIMax Manager Pro exe (and sometime named by its description “Take The Control Of Your Gameware”). delete all rules before re-installing the manager.

disable UAC solves the problem (You must reboot your computer for the changes to take effect).
Keep the UAC activated with an installation on Program Files directory ..\Program Files (x86)\SLIMax Manager Pro\ seems to work as well (this is the default installation location).

see here how to disable UAC (it is strongly recommended that you turn off UAC   ):
Win 7

Win 10

This is applicable to Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, to solve your permission issue, install SLIMax Mgr Pro as Admin and run the app as administrator :


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