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The true ABS Effect works ONLY  with simulation or game API that provide a DYNAMIC status level of ABS like Live For Speed

if you try this effect with a STATIC value of ABS level (almost all sim/games), this will not be a TRUE ABS effect but it can be cool as well, give it a try and you will see… 😉

You need the latest version (or greater) of SLIMax Manager Pro and CSP (Fanatec Pedals Set V2/V3)

Important points to know about ABS Effect behavior:

  1. The ABS Effect needs a dynamic ABS Level value to work as A TRUE abs effect (Live For Speed provides this telemetry data for example)
  2. Activate the effect on other sim with static value result to vibrate the brake pedal when pressed and is called a “fake ABS Effect” but seems to be appreciated by Codemaster F1 fanboys 😉
  3. See the screenshots, the recommended value in Fanatec setup is 115 to 220 (135 to 200 is good) and obviously the setup must be selected


When it is connected to USB Port as a standalone Pedals Set edit the CSP device setup (recommended)





When CSP is connected to the Base wheel edit your Fanatec setup:




IMPORTANT: Do not forget to activate the throttle Axe #1 on CSP v3 setup

SLIMax Manager Pro version prior to have a potential bug which prevent to use the ABS Effect with your CSP if more than ONE controller is connected (the second controller can potentially reset to zero the ABS effect).

Update asap your SLIMax Manager Pro installation to latest version (v3.4.6.5+)



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