e- Installation


The installation of VDASH-EMU is simple,

You have 3 versions of the emulator:

  1. VDASH-EMU For Android
  2. VDASH-EMU For Windows
  3. VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD device display from SIM Display

Download the corresponding VDASH-EMU from EKSIMRacing website
Install it on your phone/tablet* or PC hard disk (Run the VDASH-EMU As Administrator to avoid any permission issue on Windows 8/8.1/10)
Launch the Emulator and if you don’t have an emulator license yet, register to get one.

*allow installation of the emulator on Android or other OS
*the first time you run the EMU you may get a Windows Firewall message. Click “Private networks” and “Allow Access” to allow the EMU to talk to the SLIMax Manager Pro  on your private local network (LAN). SLIMax Mgr Pro send telemetry to the EMU via your  local network (PC connected with Ethernet or wifi).