w- Advanced: Configure the ButtonBox or any controls on page

How to configure the ButtonBox or any control on your custom display page?

This is really simple to configure if you follow the instructions below:

– start by writing a list of functions of your game or simulation you want manage with your virtual BBox like setting the Brake bias or changing the Fuel Mix or whatever you want
– go to your simulation and write down the the keyboard sequences needed to execute the function (add keyb key to the function if needed and save settings)
test the sequence with your keyboard
define which function to assign to button or encoder or switch (see the layout of the BBox and control index)

So for Brake Bias you have this in your list this line
BBIAS | Encoder 31/32 | Increase=K Decrease=L

– then edit the SLIMax Mgr Pro vdash-emu setup using the Advanced Options panel > VDASHEMU > buttons_keys_mapping_list
– and add the K and L key to KEY1 slot on button 31 and 32

– don’t forget to save your setup

that’s it!

Congrats! you have successfully mapped the Encoder 31/32 of your Virtual ButtonBox to your game/simulation Brake Bias setup. You can send any MACRO (sequence of keys) up to 7 keys with std modifier CTRL/ALT/SHIFT.

Now when you hit/touch the encoder (button 31/32) you send the key K or L to your simulation and it increases or decreases the Brake Bias

You can obviously map the switch as well. Read the FAQ for an example:

YOU CAN’T USE THE BUTTONBOX or any control created on custom page if you run VDASH-EMU on the same PC where the game or simulation runs. This is NORMAL as by clicking on the control you automatically exit the context of the game. Obviously, you can register and install the Windows version of VDASH-EMU on another PC or Laptop connected on LAN Network.