– this is really obvious but needs to be mentioned, it’s imperative to limit the  FPS (frame-rate) of your game/simulation to 60/90 fps to give some CPU to other apps running on your PC.

– you must CAP YOUR SIMULATION /GAME Framerate to run several apps simultaneously on your PC

THIS IS A BASIC RULE IN SIM RACING – Of course VDASH-EMU eats CPU as it run on your PC and obviously if you didn’t cap the framerate in the simulation settings there is a big chance that the sim/game will eat all CPU available  and, as such, to not have enough CPU to run all things together,

The fps limit to 60 fps is a good base after that you can increase it to see if this is still ok. we always cap the fps to 80 (we can go to 120fps but doesn’t need this with an Win7 64Bit/Core I5/GTX 970/4 Monitors ).

if your Monitor refresh rate is 60Hz, V-Sync should cap your frame-rate to 60 FPS but beware on low-end PC do not activate V-Sync if your monitor sync at more speed than 60Hz