m- Limitations and Important Notes


VDASH-EMU For Android can be used on 4 devices (a valid license of each device is required),

– Only one instance of VDASH-EMU For Windows per PC/Tablet (up to 4 PC running the emu on your network at the same time, a valid license of each EMU is required),

some data (telemetry) stay at ZERO, why?
because the data are from the API of game or simulation and they simply didn’t provide the information you want to display.

– VDASH-EMU like other emulator works only in landscape or reverse landscape mode

YOU CAN’T USE THE BUTTONBOX or any control created on custom page if you run VDASH-EMU on the same PC where the game or simulation runs. This is NORMAL as by clicking on the control you automatically exit the context of the game. Obviously, you can register and install the Windows version of VDASH-EMU on another PC or Laptop connected on LAN Network. to use the buttonbox.

– the virtual button-box integrated in the VDASH-EMU can’t be used on Console version for a simple and obvious reason, the SLIMax Mgr Pro app can’t send a simulated keystroke (keyb key) across the network to drive the game running on console.

– Attention all telemetry data including delta time are NOT AVAILABLE in ALL simulations or games, it depends the level of data provided by the API of the game or simulation..

Check this quick video tutorial below to learn how to  use the editor mode: